Sunday, August 13, 2006

EEGs and Tribulations

I have never had one. Both of my sisters and one of my boys have. Some interesting stories there and it all starts with vw bug. Actually it starts with ddpup but I don't recall any funny stories about her and EEGs. Maybe it is because we are too close in age.

But onward with vw bug and her tribulation with EEGs. She was only about 2 or 3. We were living at Beale AFB in California and she had to go to a hospital further south (I think it was to Travis AFB) for her EEG test. So we get there and, of course, being only 2 or 3, laying still is not an option. To calm her down they gave her a tranquilizer to put her to sleep, no go. I know they gave her at least one more before they could get her to sleep and after the test as we were leaving, the doctor was telling mom and dad that she would sleep for several hours because of the tranquilizers.

No sooner than mom and dad put her in the car did she wake up and all the way home we had a drunk toddler to deal with. She was hilarious to watch.

Similarly the same thing happened with Scamp but with a CAT scan. Although when he would not go to sleep after they gave him as much tranquilizer as they could they had to call me in to sit with him. As you know doubt know, only the person being scanned is suppose to be in the room (something about x-rays) but they had to bend the rules here in order to get the test done. After that little fiasco, the doctors decided to let me hold him during his EEG.


loonyhiker said...

My hubby had to have an MRI and due to his claustrophobia, we went to an open air MRI. I still had to sit with him or he refused to get one.

vw bug said...

hahaha. I had no idea. Makes sense.