Sunday, October 31, 2010

pumpkins, pumpkins

Everywhere. One with Tinkerbell, just for me. Another hiding in a corner in the kitchen. Gosh it is hard to believe that Halloween has come and gone another year already. Soon it will be Thanksgiving and Christmas and THEN a whole new year starts. I'll post more Halloween pics tomorrow, but I realized I needed to get something out today as it has been a week since I posted here. Then sometime I need to get my Vegas pictures posted too. So much to do LOL.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Not winey at all

Yesterday a friend and I headed over to a wine festival at a local winery. Originally there were suppose to be 6 or 7 of us, but between unexpected company, migraines, general sickness and working to much, just the two of us went.

We had a wonderful time looking at all the wares of the vendors, listening to music from our era and, of course, wine tasting. You got about 2 teaspoons of each wine you tasted. Just enough to rest on your tongue and absorb the flavors. I tried their spumante, white zin, merlot, carbernet sauvignon, noble muscadine, wild honeyflower, blueberry, blackberry and chocolate port. Just about all their wines were on the sweeter side, except the cabernet and merlot. Much sweeter.

Small glasses (and I mean small) of the blueberry and blackberry would be a great accompaniment to cheesecake. And the chocolate port would be great with a copy of dark rich coffee. I only came home with the merlot though. I wouldn't drink enough of the others.

They had a great sangria slushie made with their noble muscadine. DC and I each had a glass of it and sat at a table to talk and listen to the music. Shortly after we headed out, buying those things we saw along the way. I got a really cute painted wine glass ornament, a copper & bronze bracelet to wear to Nuke's wedding (if I remember it) and a darling denim skirt purse for the Princess.

On the way back we stopped at a local seafood restaurant for lunch. DC had an oyster sandwich, I had the shrimp. The food was good but the service was lousy. Took nearly 30 minutes to get sandwiches. When they came there was only the seafood and bun, no lettuce, tomato or pickles. Loads of cocktail sauce and tiny containers of tartar sauce. Once I got extra tartar sauce I dove into mine with gusto.

Afterwards I took DC back home and she showed me the work she had done to her patios and what she had been doing in the yard. All with a real glass of wine, LOL.

As for the picture below, any of us who live in a certain part of the south, no doubt recognize this stretch of road and for us old fogies remember when it was the only way across the bayou.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Being Carded

Well, not really. Yesterday, I went to a card making party. It was fun, it was interesting and I learned something new. Now I can put some of my paper scrapping supplies to another use. Everyone loved my little Xyron sticker maker (thanks mom) as it was perfect for applying "glue" to the back of the ribbon like pieces of paper. Now I have 20 more cards (5 of each type of card) to send out this year along with the 10 that I got from Shutterfly. I just don't think the recipients will really believe they are from us :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More on the horizon

Well, Pan's vehicle is fixed and it didn't cost an arm and a leg as I thought it would. But I guess that will make up for the fact that one week this winter we will be spending in Key West. Family reunion thing.... :) Although that was where Pan spent part of his childhood, I have never been. I wasn't really looking forward to it, but have since changed my mind. Of course, that could change again. LOL.

Whichever way, I do hope to get a lot of great photos while I am there.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oh what a week!

It appears that I need a vacation from my vacation. Ever so tired, going to bed at 9 p.m. and not even wanting to get up at 7. Ugh. I was hoping that once I started on the thyroid medication that I would start feeling a little more perky. Guess this is going to be a long term wait. Better that than overdoing it to begin with.

Pan's truck bit the dust and I had to drive forever to go get him. I was really hoping my truck was going to be paid off this year so we could get him a new vehicle. But looks like it will be next year. He so needs one. Though I told him that if he got a new model, then next truck I get will be brand new too. Only fair don't you think?

Friday night he played with one of his new toys. He had gotten his super duper professional portable bubble machine (there is one bigger but it is not portable). He filled the house and the cat's water bowl with bubbles. The cat, who I thought would be running all over after them, went and hid under the bed.

Last night he brought out his new zombie. It lays on the ground and has a foot control to make it rise. Makes a lot of noise too, LOL. I later found the cat on the bottom bed of the bunk under the covers cowering. He's such a wimp.

But it looks like this Halloween is going to be full of new toys (although not animated, I bought Pan a gravestone with a skeleton crawling over it, covered in spiders) and surprises. Only thing missing is that the children won't be coming down this year. Maybe next. Or maybe I can talk Nuke and his fiance to coming down. That would be so much fun.

I've got to get to work on getting the inside of the house ready as I'm hoping some of our friends can make it over for wine and bloody mary's while Pan is handing out the candy. Then I can get them to do the death voice over, so I don't have to.

But if you can't wait to see what we are doing this year, you can always check in periodically on the Insights of 2 Scrappy Sisters blog where I will be posting scrapbook pages of last Halloween (at last count it was going to be 11 pages long and no they won't all be posted at the same time) throughout the month.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

We made it back

and all in one piece. Our plane left Vegas at 1:50 Monday morning and with a 2 hour delay in Memphis, we landed at around 9 a.m. By that time I had been up for 28 hours and decided that if I was ever going to sleep at night, I needed to stay up, LOL. So walking around like a zombie (or someone who had to much to drink), I did manage to stay up until 9 that night.

This time around I really did enjoy my time in Vegas. I went to the shark reef exhibit at Mandalay Bay (where we were staying), & the Titanic exhibit at the Luxor next door. As you know we went to see the Wayne Brady show. We ate at the Golden Steer, the StripSteak and Batista's Hole in the Wall. My favorite steak was from the StripSteak, the most entertaining was Batista's.

All in all it was a good trip.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Wayne Brady show

was absolutely awesome and my feet are blistered from all the walking. I may be staying in tomorrow and soaking my feet. But grandma's viginer will forever be etched in my memory. I am so glad we went.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Why is it

That when one fingernail breaks they all start breaking? I just broke the last one on my left hand and Pan has the fingernail clippers with him. At this point I really ought to just clip them all and be done with it.

On another note, G & I went to the shark reef today and it was really interesting except neither one of us figured out how to use the audio. You know how they make you take pictures up against a green screen when you enter? Well I just figured they were out to get us both. Pan has already seen the pictures and laughed his head off, now just have to see what G's wife makes of them, lol. Fortunately she has a wonderful sense of humor.

Made it by the Titanic exhibit too. No photos allowed so had to stow my camera in a locker until finished. This time I asked how to use the audio. Lot of interesting artifacts and facts. When you enter, you get a boarding pass with the name of an actual person that was on the Titanic. At the end there is a wall with the names of the survivors from each class and crew with those who perished listed below. You were then to locate the name of your passenger on the list. Mine was a survivor.

If you get the chance you really need to see the exhibit. It is my understanding it will be at the Luxor for the next 10 years before they move it on.

Tonight we are headed to the Wayne Brady show at Planet Hollywood. I really liked him on Whose Line and am looking forward to seeing him live.

Ta ta till later.

Friday, October 01, 2010

We made it

Have crappy view from window, but a gorgeous room. A tv in the bathroom that we can watch while bathing, but not from the separate shower. Pan is registered and we are at Starbuck's for coffee & muffin. I'm going to hit the shark reef today and head to the Luxor tomorrow. I think they have a Titanic exhibit. Til later...