Friday, September 12, 2008

Landings of Tribulation

By now you probably know that Pan took me to Vegas for my birthday. A good thing for both of us as the Star Trek Experience shut down on the last day of August. I enjoyed the trip there and tried to get some pictures of the lightning, but it was just to fast for my fingers, LOL.

Although this is not too terribly good, it is one that I got as we were preparing to come in for a landing. The daytime on the way home were much better and you will be seeing some of those in the days to come.

Reincarnation Tribulations

Your result for Reincarnation Placement Exam...


65% Intrigue, 63% Civilization, 76% Humanity, 30% Urbanization.

Live well, ride fast, and die young, baby!

Well, you turned out to be something of a rogue. This may not be exactly the life you wanted... but it's difficult to place people who want to enjoy all the romance and intrigue of civilization, without actually having a demanding job. Besides, since you enjoy the benefits of humanity so much more than you enjoy the press of humanity itself... you shouldn't have much trouble with your role in life. As long as you aren't afraid of danger there's a place for you in society, even if it's a rather dark and wicked place. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to fulfill the role of a spy.

The good news: You're free and clever, and you can do whatever the heck you want. The bad news: everybody else is free and clever too, and they're not all on your side.

With the flick of a blade, you can change the course of history. Might be fun. Might be a little messy.

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As seen at One Happy Dog.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Summer's Tribulations

Well, I sure have been awol haven't I? It has been a busy summer and looks like the start of school is just as busy. I'll try to get back into the grove soon, really....

Of course you all know that Pan's boss died in a motorcycle accident at the end of June and we had that to deal with and the worry about whether Pan would even have a job. That has worked out quite well. Then we ended up with the kids more than I expected (not that I'm complaining, yet, LOL). And Pan ended up out of town more than a few times.

In August we took a trip to Las Vegas (my birthday present from Pan) to see the Star Trek Experience. Good thing too, since they closed it September 1. While we enjoyed ourselves it was disappointing to find all the shops but one on the promonade closed and that one didn't have much of anything.

In order to plan for that time off, I had to work more. Still more when we got back because it was the end of the month.

Pan's sister, who we haven't seen, came into town and we spend the weekend with her and Pan's parents. I also stopped by my sister's and picked up an old photo album to scan.

You know writing it down, doesn't sound like I did a lot, but it sure seemed busy and full while I was doing it :)

Monday, September 01, 2008

Laboring on Staying Safe

This is vw bug stepping in to post for Tink. She is fine. Just keeping out of trouble with Hurricane Gustav sending out Tornadoes and wind and rain her way.

I'm sure she'll be posting more soon!