Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Love you Dad

Six years, some times it feels like an eternity, others just like a few moments. But a day doesn't go by when at some point I don't think of my father. I really miss him. I miss the "bah humbug" when he answers the phone at Christmas, I miss seeing him lean up against the bar to annoy my mom. I miss hearing his voice...

And I hope that he was looking down with a smile as Nuke and his fiance exchanged vows today. Congratulations children. We are looking forward to the reenactment wedding in February.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

I got you a card. Really I did. It's sitting right here beside me. I just keep forgetting to post it. I will get it in the mail no later than Tuesday :) But I do want you to have the best birthday ever...

Clouds rolling over the moutains
as I watch from our window at the Bellagio

Friday, November 05, 2010

More Halloween Pix

Not going to give a running commentary this time. The only thing here is that I shot these with my T-100 Olympus point and shoot camera using their "magic 2" setting giving the pictures a darker, eerie look and a round vignette. Enjoy

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

They always come back

Halloween just wouldn't be Halloween without a guest appearence from the Wicked Witch in the Snow White stories. It was an exciting start to the evening.

Bright orange and organza were apparently the "in" fashion for up and coming witches. No more ratty black and long crooked noses for these gals.

A cute little bumblebee buzzed right through the graveyard only stopping to smell the bubbles.

More parents in the fray. Not afraid to dress up in unusual costumes and parade around with their children.

So much for timing. He would jump up when no one was around, once again proving that dead men can't dance.

If you look closely into the door, past the little trick and treaters, you can see the green light of Pan's new laser light show. Skulls danced around on the floor made all the more interesting as the laser lights passed through the fog.

A sailor, Mario and Luigi. Mario and Luigi costumes sure were popular this year. They must be making a comeback after their, what, 15 year hiatus.

The little ones were so delighted with the bubbles, they didn't have the same qualms about the "scariness" surrounded them. Not so for their parents and older siblings though.

Must be getting later... the trick or treaters are definitely getting bigger.

Oh, here come some more little ones.

Back to the big ones again. Note the mother not watching where she's going.

Yep, she walked right into the spider as it dropped down on her.

Look, another guest appearence. This time by none other than Harry Potter.

The eyes see all...... Every moment, every gesture. Not these, of course, but my camera which was placed over by this bush.

I just love these kind of pictures. Bright greens and oranges among the dark of the night. Really sets the mood, don't you think?

And what is this? A skeleton all lit up. I want what he's been drinking.

Tomorrow I will try to post some pictures taken with my Olympics point and shoot. It had an interesting vignette setting that really made the pictures look eerie. Till then.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Preparations get underway

Even my wine bottle gets a make over with its own witch's costume.

The Princess' spider takes a break on Pan's papasan chair before the festivities begin.

And death graced the dining room for awhile before heading out the door.

One of Pan's new toys. And to think he was going to try and make one himself.

Another new accessory to the haunted graveyard scene

Had to check out the bubble machine before the night began. The breeze took them up, up and away.

It's all starting to come together now with the fencing up and tombstones all placed.

The bat found his familiar haunt but the deathly witch got moved from the trees to the front of the garage.

Looks like the spider found a good meal to keep him busy throughout the evening.

kfkap's nemesis peers around a tombstone. I don't think kfkap realizes this one isn't real.

The Borg pumpkin found a new home near the door.

Cauldron full of candy was nearly depleted by the end of the evening.

A kitchen make-over and our Halloween toasting glasses.

My world famous bloody mary. For those who want to know: Mix 1 tbsp onion powder, 1 tbsp garlic powder, 1 quart v8, 1/3 quart vodka, 1/4 cup spanish olive juice and toss in 5 or 6 pepperoni slices. Stir and refrigerate.

The Great Pumpkin (aka ex son-in-law) was very good to me this year with peppermint mocha kahlua, black cherry vodka (okay what do I do with this? I don't normally drink vodka) and a bottle of pure agave tequila.

Look, I spotted a ghostly apparition in the graveyard and Halloween festivities haven't even begun. Tomorrow I'll post some of the evening pictures.