Sunday, September 07, 2014

One Year Ago

Me and Mom, Dec. 2011

Gypsy, my mother, believed in the celebration of life. An avid gardener, her yard attested to this by the many varieties of wildlife that found refuge there. She could always be found putting out food and placing plants, that were not only beautiful to look at but provided food and refuge, for the many birds that flew through.
She, also, never stopped trying to learn all she could about everything. She was the one who gave me a passion for astronomy and ancient history that still exists to this day. As a child, I remember her laying a blanket on the lawn and we would sit there studying the stars, learning the constellations and discussing them. Then there were the times, especially when her youngest brother would visit, that we would pull out all of the encyclopedias and have them scattered about the floor as we would look up one interest after another. As time passed and I moved away, I cherished the times I spent with her on weekends where we could debate and discuss anything from politics and religion to what books and movies to take in.
At the funeral of one of her friends, she saw the granddaughter was wearing a colorful dress. She thought that it epitomized the celebration of life she so loved; and requested that we wear yellow to honor her life. She also requested that we not mourn her passing but to celebrate the new journey she was to embark upon. She would not be alone on this journey, but would have the help and love of her husband, her parents, and her late brother.
While we may hurt from the loss of such a special woman and mother, we speed her on her way with all our love. Continue learning mom, and we look forward to the time when we are joined once again at the star named Gypsy.

It has been a year now, since I read the above at her funeral and I still miss those times we spent together talking. I am so grateful to my sister for having taken this photo. I don't have any of mom and I in these last years. Plenty while I was still living at home. But after I left and started having children; mom, dad and the kids became the focus of my camera.
And mom, may the party at your star still be playing your song. Love you.