Saturday, September 29, 2007


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Almost forgot today was Contagion's birthday and he wanted nothing better than a Blogcrawl from one Bad Example Family to another.

So dear Contagion, I lift a shot or two (or more) of Corazon tequila in your honor. Have a grand day and I hope you remember it tomorrow. And if I survive the night I'll post my survivor pin in the side bar. :)

For those who want to participate Harvey has the rules (and to quote Pamibe "yes, there are rules).

p.s. Thanks Pamibe for the pins.

Namely Tribulations

1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet & current car) – Princess 150 Ford

2.YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (fav ice cream flavor, favorite cookie) – Bushwacker Oatmeal Raisin

3. YOUR “FLY Guy/Girl” NAME: (first initial of first name, first three letters of your last name) T-Dae

4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal) - Grey Lion

5. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first) – DaeTi

6. SUPERHERO NAME: (2nd favorite color, favorite drink put “The”) - The Periwinkle Green Tea

7. NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers)- Henry Clyde

8. STRIPPER NAME : ( the name of your favorite perfume/cologne, favorite candy) – Navy Jelly Belly

9.WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother’s & father’s middle names ) – Marie Franklin

Blatently stolen from Love2Scrap

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Community Pool Tribulations

Just playing around to see how this works. This is a day at our community pool and taken with my Sony Cybershot camera, so the quality is not going to be great. If this works maybe I can get some of KFKAP at play.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Designer Tribulations

Fri 9/28 Blog Prompt: Here we are at the end of another month. Where does time go? But on the prompt. What designer do you think best represents your current fashion style? (You can find a list and look at some of the designers at Fashion Net)

This means actually looking at designers so give me a minute.....

Okay, after about an hour of looking I think I have decided that Phillip Lim best represents my fashion style. Loose and comfortable. Granted he has some outrageous outfits, but for the most part seem wholesome and comfortable. Do you detect a theme here? Comfort. I like the loose dresses, lightly cinched with belts, the cardigan dresses and the summery, billowy slacks, blouses and skirts. Now if I could just pull off wearing them, LOL.....

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Nightwear & Tribulations

Thu 9/27 Blog Prompt: Cotton or silk? Pajamas or nightgown or nothing at all? How does your night time fashion affect your day?

Many years ago I would have said nothing at all, LOL. But times do change and right now lightweight cotton or t-shirt material wins out hands down. And once upon a time I would have preferred nightgowns. As I have gotten older I decided I didn't like getting all tangled up in them at night on those nights I couldn't get comfortable and would toss and turn all night. So pajamas win again. I find that with the lightweight material and more form fitting pajamas that I sleep better and wake up more refreshed (as long as something else didn't keep me up all night) So how about you?

Sketch by Pencil Line Sketches; Beauty kit (c)Cinzia Loosemore; Stitching (c)Lisa Carter; Fonts: Porcelain, A Yummy Apology

Sketch by Pencil Line Sketches; Beauty kit (c)Cinzia Loosemore; Stitching (c)Lisa Carter; Fonts: Porcelain, A Yummy Apology

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Tribulations Will Never Cease

I'm po'd. Totally. Especially with our welfare system in place now. My daughter who is a single mother with 2 children and works exceptionally hard and tries not rely on anyone for anything was denied help with daycare expenses today because she made too much money the last six weeks. She has to work overtime to pay her rent, car payment, food, doctors bills (because she can't get help for that either) and utilities.

They told her to come back when she wasn't working overtime and they could help her. She explained that if they would help her she wouldn't have to work overtime. So what we have here is a catch 22. She's damned if she does, she's damned if she doesn't. And all they used was six weeks of pay stubs. No expenses. How can you figure out if help is needed if you don't know what they are having to put in expenses. AND she is in the food business. The amount you make is not only determined by how good you are, but the season and a multitude of other factors. It should be based on an actual annual income, not six weeks added together then averaged as a weekly basis. Thing is if it was just a matter of six weeks we could help out during that time, but it isn't. It took her four months to get this appointment. Four months would be stretching even us since we just had to replace nearly all our appliances.

I'm just so frustrated and would like someone to explain to me why a young woman, who is doing her best to be contributing member of society should be ostracized; while there are people out there sitting on their hind ends just taking my tax money. I want my tax dollars to help those who are willing to help themselves. So if you know the answer; please, please, please explain it to me. If you don't, please take a moment to write your congressmen and senators and ask them why.

And don't comment it that it is the Democrats or Republicans causing the problems, we all know full well that this transcends parties and has been a problem for both.

Old Tribulations Made New Again

Wed 9/26 Blog Prompt: Bring back the oldies. What fashion would you like to see make a comeback?

Me, the fashion guru, the queen of swing (NOT, ROFLOL) bring back a fashion? Actually I think I would bring back those shirt dresses from the 40's. I loved those with the wide belts and pointed collars and just general, oh so cool look like this one from Main Street Vintage:

Still do, even though I can't wear them now.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Earrings and Necklaces and Tribulations, Oh My!

Tue 9/25 Blog Prompt: Treasure Chest. Which piece of jewelry that you own, do feel is indispensible?

Guess I ought to clue you in... I'm not a jewelry type person. Other than my wedding ring and the 18k gold hand etched band I wear with it, I don't own a lot of other jewelry. Though I am awfully partial to my black pearl ring and necklace. You are so right there is a story behind at least one.

I love black pearls. Can't remember when I didn't. It was shortly after we moved to Guam and my birthday rolled around. Mom and dad bought me the most beautiful black and white pearl ring. I was in heaven, I loved it so much. I wore it all the time.

Then many years later I got married and suddenly the ring disappeared. I found out that my ex had taken it and sold it along with my fire opal necklace and a few other pieces I had. I was devastated. The guy he sold them to sent them to California so I couldn't get them back. I never forgave him for that. Never.

Pan had heard the story and then one year for my birthday surprised me a black and white pearl ring. I couldn't believe how thoughtful, kind and generous my new husband was. (I still can't, lol). Even though it was not the ring my parents had bought, it was the thought he put into it so that I would have a reminder of one that I had lost.

Years later the white pearl fell out so the ring was put until Pan again surprised me with the ring now with two black pearls in it. What can I say, I married a gem. Then one Christmas, to compliment the ring he bought me a beautiful single black pearl necklace on a gold chain. They are not indispensable, but I sure would be lost without them. Thank you Pan.

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Other than my wedding rings, gold band, pinkie ring and the strand of pearls my sister gave me when she got married, the above comprises all of my jewelry. White pearl and rubies necklace and earrings, a gift from Pan. The beloved black pearl ring and necklace. Mother and Child cameo a gift from my MIL for mother's day one year. The Koa necklace, bracelet and earrings from NavyNuke. And the rose again from my sister as a symbol of the Marine Corps.

So while I do not have much, each has their special place in my heart as they were gifts from the hearts of those I love.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Dinner Cruise Fashions and Tribulations

Mon 9/24 Blog Prompt: Fashion Guru. What is the proper attire for a dinner cruise? High heels? Flats? What kind of jewelry, if any? Colors?

So romantic, watching the sun set over the gentle rippling waves of the ocean and listening to the music playing softly in the background. A nice time to dress up in your best; a dress, some pearls, hair soft and silky, a natural scented perfume with a light sprinkling of make-up and a mistake.... wearing high heels. Wasn't as bad as I thought after I first got on board, but getting up and down those steps, LOL.

Pan and I went on a dinner cruise in Hawaii and we had a fantastic time. The couple seated next to us were amusing and fun (she was a jeweler so I got lots of tips, lol). And it worked out so well. Her husband and I liked everything on the dinner, but she and Pan were a little more reserved. She did not care for steak, he did not care for lobster. So they traded, ROFL.

Oh yeah we are talking about fashion and dress. I wore a sleeveless burgandy dress that had a light weight quilt pattern knee length jacket that went with it. (you know which one Mom and ddpup). I wore my hair down but pulled back away from my face. Though I did not wear the pearls. I forgot to take them with me. But next time the black pearl necklace will have center stage. And, yes, I wore heels. I will have to look around to buy a pair of shoes that are comfortable, classy looking and low heeled for the next dinner cruise we partake of. :)

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Template by CanuckNicole; SNL #29 Papers & Elements by Tink2Zoe, Mars Olsen, Paula O'Neil and Showme; Font: Rickles

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Weekend of Camera Tribulations

Had a wonderful Friday night and Saturday at mom's. Mom, Pan and I took Indy to the Naval Museum on Saturday morning then ddpup came over Saturday afternoon to share what she had learned in the classes about her camera. Between the two of us we probably took over 2000 pitures. I know I took over a thousand. I deleted a lot but kept alot too. But only going to share some of my favorites. :) And ddpup, thank you, I appreciate all your help and advice.

Camera: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi; F-stop: f/8; Exposure time: 1/400 sec.; ISO speed: ISO-1600; Exposure bias: 0 step; Focal length: 200 mm

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Dinosaurs, Screws & Tribulations

I love my sister. Really I do, but sometimes I wonder if she knows just how good she has it. Like her post today... Dinosaur Munch.

Sure the boys were doing gross and disgusting things to that poor playdoh puppy and pulling dinosaur tongues across the table, but...

At the age her kids are, my boys were figuring out how to take the screws out of door knobs and jams and how to make it look like they didn't. Nothing like having a door fall on you as you open it and the sounds of little giggles from under the bed. All tools and any utensil went under lock and key and they still managed to do it.

So bug, you really do have it pretty good. Love you sis.

And since you have read this far you really need read about my blogbrother, Matt's award at Maybe Baby. Once again, congratulations Matt. Just remember me when you sign that book deal, LOL.

Oh look a chance to post one more layout, :)
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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cooking Up that Tribulation

Fri 9/21 Blog Prompt: I'm going to deviate from the Fashion theme today and ask if you have ever been in the middle of cooking when if you realized you were missing a key ingredient and couldn't make a dash to the store? What did you do?

This came up, because today, my new range was hooked up to the gas and I got to actually cook something in a real oven. The Princess was all excited about making a cake so I bought the mix and picked up the stuff to make cookies too, together with a roast, some potatoes and onions, you know everything to make use of a range with two ovens.

So we get home, she starts in on her homework and I start on the cake. First cake mix, 1 1/3 cups water, stir. 1/2 cup butter, into the fridge I reach.... No butter. I always have butter. I keep forgetting we have and buy it just about every time I shop. But there was no butter. I looked around the back of the coffee, in the deli drawer, in the crispers and I even looked in the butter drawer. There was not even a pat of butter to be found. None, nadda, nothing.

Okay, this is not going to be a total loss, I have two copies of Joy of Cooking, one of them surely has a substitution in it, right? Wrong. Maybe in the first copy, but I realized I couldn't reach it. Next best thing, call mom, she would know. Surely she has run into this problem before. After she quit laughing at me, we both decided that shortening would probably be the best substitution for butter in the cake. (don't forget the 3 eggs either, lol)

And let me tell you, if you ever find that you are out of butter and in the middle of making a cake, shortening is a wonderful substitution. The cake wasn't as rich, but it was just as light (or lighter) than if it had been made with the real thing. And in our case probably a good thing since I used a very heavy butter cream frosting on it. Now I'm looking forward to a lot more hints and tips to use in my cooking. :)

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Fashion Baron's Tribulations

Thu 9/20 Blog Prompt: Fashion Baron. You are the up and coming fashion designer of the age. What kind of fashions and fabrics can we expect?
And for a little fun (if you have about 10 minutes) a tongue in check video about
Hair, Hats and Fashions Through the Ages.

Comfort is the name of the game in my year of fashion prowess. On the runway the less than perfect models would be sporting cotton blend slacks, skirts and shirts in bright, bold colors as well as neutral khaki, tan and gray. We would be presented with simple, classic A-line and bold flamenco flared skirts. In addition to cotton blend shirts there would be a host of formal T's in long, short, sleeveless and strap varieties to mix and match with the slacks, skirts and shirts. Soft soled shoes and little pumps would grace the feet. And hats... Hats to match everything.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fashion Tribulations

Wed 9/19 Blog Prompt: Since we seemed to have a good time with the little fashion quiz yesterday I found another: Fashion Personality Quiz. Let's see what kind of fashion personality you have.

Your Results: You're more of Casual Cutie
Comfort is your middle name. If you're not comfortable, then why bother? You'd choose cotton and spandex over tight clothing and itchy fabric any day. You understand that to look good, you must feel good on the inside and outside. You also believe that fashion isn't necessarily the best reflection of who you are - it's what's on the inside that counts. Maybe you are in a fashion rut or just aren't sure how to spice up your look while still feeling like you're YOU underneath. Whatever it is, don't be afraid to experiment. Add bolder choices gradually, but always choose something you feel at ease in.
"Casual Cutie?" What in the world are they thinking, LOL. Cotton, definitely; spandex, never. But I think they pretty much nailed me in the comfort department and, yeah, I could probably add some bolder colors from time to time.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Paperdolls & Tribulations Always get Me Down, I think.

Tue 9/18 Blog Prompt: Since most of this month has been about fashion, I thought it would be fun to take and post our results of the Paperdoll Psychology test.

This look of yours suggests time travel--like someone from the future visiting a chapter of Jane Eyre. You are a dreamy, imaginative person who dislikes confrontations.

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Prepared, Stressed or Tribulated

Mon 9/17 Blog Prompt: You have an important meeting this morning. Are you running around rushed and stressed or are you prepared?

For the most part, I am prepared, at least, superficially. I am the kind of person who lays their clothes out the night before (so I can hit the snooze a couple of times); puts my purse and shoes in the same place everytime I come in, so I don't have to go searching for them, and has my tea all set up so all I have to do is hit the button on the HotShot. I also do a once through before I leave to make sure that I have everything.

Now mentally, that is a different. Especially if it means giving a speech or being in charge of something important. Then my gray matter is racing at mach speed and I am having trouble keeping up.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

More Tribulations of a Blog Meme

I have been tagged by beachcomber.

1. Who was your first prom date?

2. Who was your first roommate?
Didn't have one unless you count my sister, we shared rooms alot.

3. Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane?
The one I remember was from Nebraska to Guam with stops in Seattle and Hawaii.

4. When you snuck out of your house for the first time, who was it with?
In 8th grade with my best friend Carol. Boy did we get in trouble when we were caught.

5. Whose wedding were you in the first time?

6. What was the first concert you ever went to?
Black Oak Arkansas in St. Louis.

7. First tattoo or piercing?
I was in my 30's before I got my ears pierced. I still don't know why I did it as even now I don't wear earrings that often.

And I'm supposed to tag 7 other people but since I just did a similar a couple of days ago, I'm going to let you decide whether you want to answer or not, except for the bug who know has two to answer to since she never did the first one. And how about Mrs. Who, whom I missed the first time around. And possible Love2Scrap. She hasn't done one in a while. Surely ArtcTrish can take time off from the beach to play along. Possibly Meg can take time off from her Pages of her Crazy Life to participate. okay, that's five and the best I can do at this time.

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Tribulations on Kaguya?

Been keeping up with the Kaguya launch? Visit the Planetary Society Weblog for the latest updates.

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tribulations of Old/New Appliances

Last night Pan asked if I wanted to go window shopping for new appliances and then hit the local Longhorn for dinner. I was all up for that as it meant I wasn't going to have to cook.

So we head off to Home Depot for a "quick" look around, left an hour later with a new Maytag Epic washer and dryer and a Maytag Gemini Double-Oven range on order. They should be here Thursday. Then all we have to do is wait for the gas company to come hook them up.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Beauty and the Tribulation

Fri 9/14 Blog Prompt: Beauty Secrets. What beauty secrets do you use (no matter how unusual)?

Mine is not so unusual or at least I don't think it is. Who knows in the these days of washing hair everyday. I don't. Twice a week is my limit. Shampoo companies hate people like me. LOL. Even as long as my hair is (and it is long) I only use a quarter size squirt of shampoo. If it needs it, I repeat. I have done this as long as I can remember.

I have been told that because I don't over-wash my hair, it is in perfect condition. So my habits have been good to me, at least to my hair. There have been times when I have had it cut that the cut was nearly free in exchange for my hair. They would use it to test new products. How cool is that?

Now I need to have it cut and give it to Locks of Love, but I don't know how many people would like hair with strands of grey sparkling through it, LOL.

I have finally gotten around to scrapping the trip to DisneyWorld that we took the Princess on as her Christmas present two years ago. So now you get to see what a fun time we had.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Memes, the Law and Tribulations

I've been tagged by Derek of DerekMDesigns with a meme. I have to list seven things about myself you don't know. (I think I did this some time ago; but one more time doesn't hurt, right? Things change).

1. In addition to scrapbooking, I love cross stitching and half my computer room is devoted to cross stitch fabrics, threads, patterns and kits.
2. I have lived in five states and traveled through most of them.
3. I use to be a legal assistant and did all the petitions, orders, etc., on a word processor. I was also the only one in the office that knew how to use the senior partner's antique typewriter.
4. The senior partner would not allow a copy machine repair person to come in until I looked at the copier first.
5. My boss thought I could read minds. Really.
6. I use to take his car in for servicing while he was on vacation and the garage thought I was his wife.
7. I did not have training in law, but by the time I left I could look up laws faster than my boss.

Now I am suppose to tag 7 people. Ummmm let me see.... How about....

Tammy of Personalized Creations
Katrina with Bits 'n Bobs
Sandra of My Field of Dreams
ArcaneFaery of Faerie Tales from the Real World
Glynis of Ordinary Days
Lemon Stand of Lemonade Made Daily
and then, of course, The Bug of One Happy Dog Speaks

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Ruts & Tribulations

Thu 9/13 Blog Prompt: Self-motivation. Ever get in a rut and didn't feel like you would ever get out? What did you do to pull yourself up and out?

Probably was in one when I came up with the prompt, LOL. I know we all feel down and out from time to time. But.... there was a time many years ago when I got to an all-time low and figured the world would be better off without me.

I was in a bad marriage and trying to raise three small children on my own. And one night while doing dishes, I really contemplated how my life was going and how bad it had gotten. More than anything I couldn't blame anyone but myself. I really had begun to think it was time to end it all.

But the more I thought about it the madder I became. I was a better person than that, so I changed the locks on the doors. Best decision I ever made. Within six months I was divorced. I was still raising the kids on my own, but knowing that I made the decision to cut the ex out of my life made it all that much easier.

It was hard trying to take care of them on my salary, but I wasn't getting anything from him when we were married anyway, so now I was doing it because I wanted to. Of course, there was the wonderful support of my friends and family who always came (and still do) to the rescue when things got exceptionally tight.

Who would have thought that the one simple act of changing locks would have made such a big difference in my life.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Tribulation in Review

Wed 9/12 Blog Prompt: Blog Review. Here's your chance to play reporter and write a review on that favorite blogspot.

Where can you find a witty combination of subjects from child rearing to being a wife? Actually it is quite easy to locate once you have rounded the corner to your nearest Lemon Stand. Here you can find humorous anecdotes and stories of her own life as a mother and a military wife, spiced up with appropriate quotes. I highly recommend that you take a moment (or two) and drop by. You will not be disappointed.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Gem of a Tribulation

Tue 9/11 Blog Prompt: Real Finds. Have you ever bought anything on the spur of the moment, something you weren't sure you would ever use, then realized you came home with a gem?

Like Sandra, "better late than never," right? Okay I'm really late. And like Stephani it's a computer game (better yet a genre). Along the lines of "Where's Waldo?" I really like the hidden clue games... Big City Adventure San Francisco, Dream Day Honeymmoon, Hidden Expedition Titanic, Mystery Case Files - Huntsville & Ravenhearst, which are ones I currently own. I really like those that change the list each time you play.

I would have never thought of buying them, until I bought I Spy for the Princess and she enjoyed it so much that we would download the demos of the others and discovered we really enjoyed playing them together. Then I discovered when I was feeling really frazzled I could sit down and concentrate on locating the hidden items and release some of the stress.

Now I think I'm addicted; but I only buy them from Best Buy when they are not quite so expensive.

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Details to Tribulations

Mon 9/9 Blog Prompt: Attention to Detail. When people come to your home what is the first thing you want them to see and why?

What I want them to see and what they actually see are two different things, LOL. What they actually see is foyer walls which have been decorated with crayons, a coat closet with jackets hanging off the handle and a clear view to my old computer desk which houses the fish, together with all the pool stuff (googles, fins, towels, key, lotion, books) and the back of my couch.

What I would like for them to see is a foyer with no jackets in site and painted a shade of green on which I would hang the "I Love Me" pics the boys gave me after they joined the military. I think I would also have a small shelf to house the mail and keys, etc., you know little stuff you drop right after coming in the house. Don't know that there is any way you could get out of seeing the back of my couch, but if we are going to keep the computer desk I would really like to get a bigger fish tank with all the cool paraphinalia

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Sharing Tribulations

I don't know about anyone else, but just like my slideshow here, I change out my desktop wallpaper every month. Normally it is just something I put together myself; but this month I opted to try Amy W.'s desktop template together with Scarletheel's Beautiful Rage papers. I love it and I love that I was able to choose the backgrounds that I wanted. I was also able to tweek it some as I have Vista with the sidebar. Using the template made moving it around so as no to obscure my sidebar and interfere with my shortcuts was a thrill. So if you think you would like to try your hand at making you desktop personal, click on her name to take you to her site. Just make sure you leave a big thank you, if you decide to download it.

I used each one of the grands in a different photo location, with Ballerina getting starring role since it is her mother's birthday this month.

Image Hosted by

Starry Nights & Tribulations

From Cosmic Log:
"Over the next few nights, the waning moon can take you on a guided tour of the planets..."

"You have a better chance of spotting the faint river of stars in our own Milky Way galaxy, as well as the fuzzy image of the Andromeda Galaxy..."

"Sky and Telescope provides a chart..."
Check out their article for even more information.

If you like to look at the heavens, take a walk outside between sunset and sunrise this week and you may be able to spot Mars, Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune. Make sure you have a really good pair of binoculars or telescope with you.

Happy Hunting!

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Mess with My Mailbox and Tribulations will Flow

A bad day got worse when on Thursday, I took out the daycare's mailbox. I felt so stupid. Went back up to let them know and the dear walked back out with me to look. All the time talking about how many times she hit it or her husband's students hit. I tried to tell her that they didn't take it out. When we got to the now defunct mailbox, her look was priceless. She agreed. I told to price replacing it and let me know so I could pay for it. (wasn't as bad as what I was dreading).

But yesterday Bombshell called me and between the laughter explained that when she picked Indy up all he talked about was the broken mailbox. The jury-rigged it until a new one can be put in. When Bombshell told Indy that I was the one that broke it, she said his eyes got big and loudly proclaimed "Noooo. Tink not break." Finally she had to turn the phone over to him so he could tell me about the broken mailbox. I told him I broke it and he yells to Bombshell "Mommy, Tink did break." I still don't think he believes it.

Hopefully you did not have that kind of week and here's to having a great weekend.

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Tribulations that were in Fashion

Fri 9/7 Blog Prompt: Fashion Facts. Over the centuries, fashions have taken dramatic changes. Do you know of any obscure fashion facts to add to our knowledge?

Did you know that corsets didn't always create an hourglass shape? From their invention, during the second millenium b.c. in Minoa, corsets were commonly worn by women to cinch waists and lift breasts. But during a a conservative spell from 1550 to 1660 a.d., the undergarments were used to flatten the bustline not boost it.

This and other fashion facts can be found at RealSimple.

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Silly Shoes & Tribulations

Thu 9/6 Blog Prompt: Shoes make the woman. Give us an insight into your closet. Your shoes closet that is.

Imelda DeMarco I am not. I have 3 pairs of shoes. Flip flops, tennies and one pair of heels. Only the heels grace my closet as I hardly ever wear them. In fact they may still be packed in Pan's suitcase from the last trip we took. I had forgotten about the heels yesterday when I made the comment about having only two pairs of shoes. I forget them and leave them in a suitcase. Does that tell you anything, LOL...

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hat Hair & Tribulations

Wed 9/5 Blog Prompt: Fashionably Correct. In years past one would not be seen without a hat to complete your ensemble. Not so much these days. When and where do you think it is fashionably correct to wear a hat?

First I have to thank Jennifer for the the title. Little does she know I would confiscate it.

In my teen years and early 20's I loved hats. I had hats to go with just about everything I wore from jeans to dresses. I miss them. There is just something formal and old-fashioned about wearing hats. Oh I don't mean those giant birdhouses, but the smaller pillbox, fedoras and berets.

While I don't think you will be taken to the carpet for wearing one these days (I'm speaking of hats other than baseball caps and beach hats), it is still unusual to find anyone wearing one. Certain church functions would be an appropriate time for a hat. Some outdoor formal sporting events. Me? If I could afford it, a hat to match every pair of shoe I owned. Wait a minute, I only own two pairs.....

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Tribulations of Maintaining a Spider Farm

It is not without some effort that I keep the Princess and Indy from knocking down the spider webs which are now infesting our front yard. I have taken to telling them that they must be left alone as the spiders are preparing the webs for Halloween. Still it can be somewhat unnerving to walk out and see a species or two that you don't recall.

After much research, I did finally manage to find out what the first one is. A Crablike Spiny Orb Weaver. Fairly harmless but still intimidating for all their 1/2" size. We also have a baby one that is not any bigger than a pin head. And because it is a baby, Indy is protecting it with his life. How cute is that.

The second I am fairly certain is a garden spider. The red markings continue around to the back, but it seems to be a bit thinner than the garden spiders I have seen. Both the Crablike Spiny and this one are orb weavers and have graced our trees and bushes with delicate lacy webs. It really is a shame they won't last until Halloween.

Crablike Spiny Orb Weaver

Presumably a Garden Spider

Double Duty Tribulations

Tue 9/4 Blog Prompt: Simplify life. We all have them, those household items that we purchase for one thing and then end up using them for another. What items do you have that serve double duty?

For me it would be a toothbrush or possibly a bottlebrush. I use the toothbrush to clean around the pothandle rivets in my pots. Really annoys me to have food and gunk get stuck right there. Toothbrushes really save the day. I use bottlebrushes to clean wine and champagne glasses. That way I don't have to worry about them breaking as I would if I used a sponge in them. I am sure there are other items that serve double duty in my house but those two are the most used.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Tribulations of Fashion

Mon 9/3 blog prompt: Fashion Woes. What, in your opinion, is your most embarassing fashion moment.

This prompt was actually inspired by something I read, that brought back in vivid technicolor, the worst fashion happenstance that one could ever imagine.

Might help to put you in a mindset of a 16 year old, well endowed young lady who loved high dive. Not so much after this incidence though.

Yep the young lady was no other than myself in a bikini. I dove and got out of the water just as I had done hundreds of times before. But this time I was really getting the once over. I really thought I was hot. And I was, but not because of the diving. Finally a friend brought it to my attention that my bikini top had come up and I was prancing around the pool with my melons out for just about the entire base of airmen to see.

As I was adjusting the top, I turned around and winked at all the guys then gathered up my belongings and headed home. Once out of sight, I ran. I was so mortified. Did I go back to the pool? Of course I did, there was not much more you could do on this base. I did quit the high dive though.

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ah Mrs. Who, You Caused My Tribulation

As seen at the House of Zathras

How will I die?
Your Result: You will die of boredom.

Try not to take so many quizzes. And while this answer may seem like a joke, it most certainly is not. Boredom is one of the most frequent causes of death. The body will simply stop functioning. Try not to become an excercise junkie. One cannot escape destiny...

You will die in your sleep.
You will die while having sex.
You will die in a car accident.
You will die in a nuclear holocaust.
You will die while saving someone's life.
You will be murdered.
You will die from a terminal illness.
How will I die?
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Celestial Tribulations

Tuesday, September 11 - partial Solar Eclipse. Visibility confined to South America, Antarctica and the South Atlantic.

For more information and major cities within the zone visit NASA Eclipse Home Page.

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Tribulations, Saturday and the Blahs

It's Saturday and the first day of a three day weekend. Not that it means much to me. I only work two days a week. But it is a blah type of day. Overcast and Pan decided to water, so it starts to rain... for a few minutes. Now he will still have to water and pull weeds. I should be doing something constructive, like, maybe cleaning the kitchen. I mean really scrubbing it. Picking up the kids toys throughout the house, only to have them all over again when they come tomorrow and Monday.

I did go to the Princess' teachers meeting on Thursday night. I really like her teachers this year. Although it is an FCAT year for her, all of them seem to believe that learning should be fun and enjoyable. Her language arts teacher hopes to teach them to use power point by the end of the year. How cool is that. Pan will have to start working with the Princess. In math they will be starting algebra after the holidays. And science will consist of a lot of experiments. Her science teacher is also her history teacher and they will be doing some studies on ancient history. I'm in love. Have to start keeping track of those Mesopotamian, Roman and Greek shows on the history channel.

The language arts teacher has also asked us to start letting the kids write things at home, like grocery lists (shoot I knew there was something I was forgetting to tell Bombshell), thank you notes, etc. The Princess has been helping me with journaling for my scrapbook pages, but she tells, I write down. Now I think I will have her write them and then I can type it in.

All in all, I think this is going to be a wonderful year for her. She may, down the road, start getting stressed about the FCATs but I really feel that her teachers are not the kind to make a big deal out of it. Thank goodness.

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