Sunday, January 31, 2010

A complete makeover

You have now had a 360 degree look at the changes made to the living room. This one includes the fireplace mantle that Pan built which houses even more dvds and blu rays, along with his Wii games.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Full Bookcase

Our collection of dvds and blu rays which were mentioned earlier this week and this isn't all of them

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Papa loves his papasan

A real treat for Pan was when he got the chair he wanted for Christmas.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Make a Wish Upon a Star

Fri 1/15 Blog Prompt: Today is Make Your Dreams Come True Day. What is a dream that you wish would come true?

That is a two edged sword, because I would wish for the kids to be here, but I have gotten so use to having my house to myself (along with Pan, of course). So I guess my wish would be that my daughter hurry and get her nursing degree and move back here so that she and the kids are closer to home. And I wish that Scamp and family would visit again real soon, I miss them so much.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Organizational skills

Thurs 1/14 Blog Prompt: Today is Organize Your Home Day. What could you do today that would help organize your home. How will you organize this stuff?

If I'm going to be perfectly honest (and I shall), my best bet would be just to hire someone to show me how to be organized. What I really would like is some of the dvd/Blu Ray cases like my sister has, but I would need a minimum of 10 and that is just getting a bit pricey at this time. (Guess we could stop buying dvds and blu rays... Not, lol),

But if I am going to do it today, then I probably should start by going through some of my lower kitchen cabinets and throwing out whatever I haven't used in the last couple of years. That would definitely free up some space so that I could more effectively arrange what I do keep. It will have to wait until tomorrow though, as I have to go to work today.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A list of 10

Wed 1/13 Blog Prompt: List the Top 10 products you use.

1. Clorox Clean-Up. I use it to clean my porcelain coated dutch oven, the counter tops, the floors, etc.
2. Pantene shampoo. I'm not real picky about the shampoo I use, but I do tend to pick up Pantene when I have to buy it.
3. Dawn dish detergent. Just like it best.
4. Cascade dishwasher detergent. Easiest to find.
5. Dial soap. Like the fresh, squeaky clean feel after showering.
6. Tide clothes detergent. Recommended for our he washing machine.
7. Arm & Hammer toothpaste. Same reason as I like Dial soap. Fresh feeling.
8. GE light bulbs. Find they normally last longer.
9. Carbona Clean It stainless steel cleaner. Because nearly all my appliances are stainless steel.
10. Lysol Concentrate. Love the smell.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

All that's hard

Tues 1/12 Blog Prompt: Today is Work Harder Day. What is something you would like to work harder at and why?

Getting back into cross stitch. I love to cross stitch and really need to find the threads and beads to finish the angel I started for my mother. I tend to change the patterns somewhat making them very definitely mine. Besides I think Nuke wants a cross stitch piece too, as he mentioned I should strive to get back into it.

Of course, I should be saying something along the lines of I need to work harder at cleaning house (my bane in life), but lately with the kids gone, new furniture and a new dishwasher, it seems to be taken care of. Though I would take a messy house any day, just to have the kids here.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Got Milk?

Mon 1/11 Blog Prompt: Today is Milk Day? Do you like milk? Why or why not? If you do, do you like it plain or with added flavors?

Like milk? You have to be kidding. I would live off it, if I could. Along with turnip greens, field peas and avocados, milk is at the top of my favorite foods. I could drink a gallon a day, which is why I limit how much I buy it. I prefer just plain milk most of the time, although I do like mine with Ovaltine too, both hot and cold.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bubble Man

While the Princess practiced her archery, Indy tried his hardest to get bubbles out of this. Eventually he did too.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Merry and Bright

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Friday, January 08, 2010

A Week of Blog Prompts

Fri 1/1 Blog Prompt: What traditions do you follow for the new year? Do you eat special things or do special activities?

A toast of champagne at midnight and red beans & rice some time during the new year day. This year we managed the toast but I forgot to get the red beans and rice as there were two other things occupying my time most pleasantly. But next year red beans and rice will be on the menu.

Mon 1/4 Blog Prompt: Today is Trivia Day. Please share a tidbit of trivia that you think no one else knows.

This is a toughie as I am sure whatever trivia I know, most others know as well. And dern it all, we just played a trivia game last night. And why is it that I can spout out useless trivia at any time except when asked? I tell you. One that is well know within the Star Trek world but maybe not amongst others is the appearance of R2D2 in the new Star Trek movie. Look quick though or you will miss him. I think he has a two minute appearance.

Tues 1/5 Blog Prompt: Today is National Bird Day. What native wild birds are flying around your area and which ones are your favorites?

Seagulls and I don't have an affinity for those nasty things at all. Then you get the snowbirds here who think they have to feed them. So they are constantly screaming and diving at you.

I like the little sea terns though. They leave the cutest impressions on the beach as they run around looking for tidbits that are brought up as the waves crash. Pelicans are pretty cool too, if you get a chance to see them flying close overhead.

Wed 1/6 Blog Prompt: January is National Soup Month. What is your favorite soup and why?

Campbell's Tomato soup made with milk. Loved it since I was a kid. And then I love homemade vegetable soup with cabbage in it. Wait to the last few minutes to add the cabbage so that it only wilts slightly and doesn't overpower the soup. Yummmmy. I think I will head to the store this weekend to get the fixings for homemade vegetable soup (which I make with chicken stock, so does that negate the vegetable part?)

Thurs 1/7 Blog Prompt: Tomorrow is Bubble Bath Day. Do you like bubble baths? If so, what is your favorite kind? If not, why?

Oh sure I like bubble baths. I just tend to take showers because they are suppose to be better for you. It doesn't matter which bubble stuff I use as long as there is a glass of wine, tons of candles and my darling hubby with me as I soak and relax.

Fri 1/8 Blog Prompt: Today is Elvis’s birthday. What is your favorite Elvis song and what memories does it bring back?

Happy Birthday Elvis. Wish you were still here. My favorite all-time song by Elvis has to be "Blue Suede Shoes." I actually owned a pair of blue suede shoes when I was in high school. Loved those things. They were so soft and every time I hear the song, those shoes come to mind.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Archery Practice

On a weekend just before the kids left we headed over to mom's and the Princes got a chance to practice her archery again.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Aquatic Camp

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