Monday, February 28, 2011

Viking Wedding - Family & Friends

Wedding couple, family & friends

Stepfather of the groom, Pan.

Pan, Nuke (the groom)and Bear (uncle).

Pan, Tink, Mamma, Nuke, ddpuppies, Bear.

Nuke's father, Nuke, stepmother.

MiLady and Nuke, the wedding couple.

MiLady and Nuke.

MiLady and Nuke.

MiLady with son and friend.

MiLady with friends.

MiLady with friends.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Project 365 Week 8

Wow. Look at this week 8. Two months. Patting myself on the back, LOL.

Day 50

This week's P52 was "spot of color". That's it. No explanation just using the old noggin. Mine happens to be a bit of red piping and gold buttons on a field of blue. Bet you can guess what it is too, can't you? Just call me a proud mom.

Day 51

My grandfather's martini set. Now it is just for show. But pretty cool, huh?

Day 52

A shot glass from Germany sitting in a zarf holding cocktail umbrellas.

Day 53

A mini zen garden on a shadow box shelf in my computer room.

Day 54

Fabric that I considered for Indy's viking clothes.

Day 55

This is what he will end up with. I just noticed it looks a lot like a Qui Gon's outfit. I wonder if he will see the resemblance?

Day 56

Shelf number two of the china cabinet. Opposite side of the martini set is my oriental plates, bowls and chopsticks, along with a wedding picture.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Project 365 Week 7

Day 43

The macro project this week was something unexpected (although it could be stages???). What was unexpected was in searching further into my china cabinet I came across these hand-blown glass cocktail stirrers that came with drinks we had ordered at a TGIF's in Orlando about 10 years ago.

Day 44

Gotta Pixel's Project 52 this week was Still Life with food. How fortuitous that I was having a master chef salad on the very same day. Leftover roast, steamed asparagus, hard boiled egg, romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes and fresh, water packed mozzarella cheese. Doesn't get any better than this.

Day 45

Our oldest is celebrating his wedding next week with a recreation Viking ceremony. As mother of the groom, I couldn't just wear any old thing and spent the better part of the last couple of weeks making the underdress and apron dress.

Day 46

This is another one of my cork sculptures, but the protective shell had gotten broken. It is another hidden treasure in the china cabinet.

Day 47

Down below in the cabinet is a fish bowl (we bought it for the purpose of recreating Quark's Warp Core Breach drink that we had at the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas several years ago). Now it is a catch all for a number of things. Can you figure out what everything is?

Day 48

On the shelf below the fish bowl is our holiday wear. Champagne glasses being held by skeletal hands, hot chocolate mugs, coffee cups along with salt & pepper shakers for Christmas.

Day 49

A wedding souvenir - rice tray with our champagne glasses, my and my daughter's fan bouquets, souvenir marriage certificate, wedding announcement/invitation and my headpiece. Now that I have a new chest of drawers, maybe I should hang it above it in the bedroom.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Project 365 Week 6

Day 36

Godiva chocolate chips. The Gotta Pixel macro challenge this week was candy.

Day 37

The project 52 challenge at Gotta Pixel was "10 minutes from home." Ten minutes from my house and you run into the Geek Squad.

Day 38

I'm going to be doing a bit of china cabinet diving this week and next. When I took this picture, I realized I have quite a few unique items being stored here. I have a matching "Her Ladyship" coffee cup as well. They were a gift from Pan's sister.

Day 39

Hiding behind some china, I found a Mickey Mouse souvenir that we picked up about 20 years ago.

Day 40

Most people get bronzed baby shoes to remember their children or grandchildren's infancy with. My daughter-in-law and son made a molding of Ballerina's fist and made glass replicas.

Day 41

I don't recall where this tiny sand painting jar came from. Probably my brother-in-law. It only stands about 1 1/2" tall but the picture is very detailed.

Day 42

Okay, my wine glasses have a wardrobe. This is one of their shoes. Very springtime, don't you think?

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Project 365 Week 5

Day 29

Any guesses, any takers? Hint: after his accident.

Day 30

Shake it up. A flashlight that runs on being shaken. Nice to have around when you realize you have run out of batteries.

Day 31

The coaster that graces my computer room. A beloved gift from my daughter and grandchildren several years ago.

Day 32

One of the Project 52 challenges was saturation. I could not believe how lacking in color my home is. Luckily this "gingerbread cookie" by Indy was on the side of my fridge. He did it in preschool several years ago and I STILL have it.

Day 33

Won't the Princess be thrilled and surprised when she gets this. A friend/co-worker had bought it a couple of months ago and just found out it is too small. Lucky Princess.

Day 34

The other Project 52 challenge was to get up close to an object. Well that is the whole point of macro's right? Except this time so close you had to guess what it was. This was one of the items I was toying with. It's a crown from a Tinkerbell party collection the Bug sent me years and years ago for my birthday (yep, I'm a pack rat).

Day 35

This month Star Wars Clone Wars Legos (talk about a mouth full) by Traveler's Tales is suppose to come out for the various game systems. Need to dust of the controller and get ready. I hear tell they are coming out with another in May.... Pirates of the Caribbean.