Sunday, February 28, 2010

Princess Random Photography 1

The princess has always been interested in photography and when she had a chance to use my camera over the holidays, nothing was sacred. But in this case she arranged the shells to meet her purpose.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pan's new love

He eats, sleeps and lives in his new chair when he is not working. Guess mom and Nuke did good this year. Photo by the Princess

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Political Surveys

Been a while, huh? Even with excellent blog prompts I just have not been able to pull my brain together to come up with anything decent to write. A lot has to do with trying to figure out the eoy at work as we changed formats several times during the year and now nothing works out right. Oh well.

But the main purpose of today's post (at the behest of my sister, onehappydog) is to share with you a letter my darling husband, Pan, wrote. We are of the republican persuasion, and tend to keep a low profile because, as with religion, our politics are a very personal to us. But with a little tweeking this letter can be used across the board for any platform, and maybe it should be. So without further ado, take it Pan:

To Concerned Republicans in charge of the various committee’s (Republican National Committee, National Republican Congressional Committee, etc)

Please stop wasting time, money and effort sending out moronic surveys with questions that clearly any rational Republican would answer in only one way. They are an insulting waste of resources. This time, money and effort needs to be placed in letting Americans know what Republicans plan to do to solve our economic difficulties, balance the budget, and protect American interests abroad. Simply opposing the Democrats plans at every turn is not sufficient to return the white house or congress to Republican control.

Give us a real plan for energy independence, not slipshod band-aids of more drilling, more coal. Give us a plan for a Manhattan Project effort for a hydrogen fuel economy. Get the oil companies on board by granting them stimulus for the transition, and the same for the auto industry. Create a plan for this to happen within a decade, not a hundred years when the oil has run out and we’ve bankrupted our country for what little was left. Turn us into an energy exporter and let us sell clean fuel to the world. What would happen to the funding of terrorist if oil suddenly became a pollutant that only backward countries would want to burn? Wouldn’t it be nice to tell the rest of countries at the next climate conference they aren’t doing enough, but we’ll be happy to sell them clean fuel and auto’s to do better?

If however, you feel the best effort is to continue to generate surveys, with fixed outcomes so you can proudly say to one another, yep see here we’re on the right track, please remove me from your mailing list. If the Republican Party can no longer come up with a better plan then “NO” the Republican Party is lost and it is time someone form a viable third party.

All from the man who wanted us to fund our war by allowing businesses and individuals buy ad space on the bombs we were dropping on the al qaeda instead of using taxpayer money. Somewhere many moons ago I posted that one too. Can't seem to find it though. Bug, how about you?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

No Photos....

Indy hasn't changed much when it comes to having his picture taken. You would think he's a world famous icon with the paparazzi after him. Okay to me he is :)

Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Princess

It was so good to have the kids home for the holidays, although the Princess spent most of her time with her dad. She is growing up so fast and is now nearly as tall as I am and taller than her other grandmother.