Wednesday, August 10, 2011

She's alive

Okay, I go through phases. And the last few months have been one of them. Summer with the grands (yippee). We had Indy for the first week of summer then had to turn him over to his other grandparents for the remainder (or so we thought). The Princess turned 12 and said I made the best smoothies ever and should market them. No way, Jose.

Then I called our daughter to see if we could meet Indy's other grandparents halfway again, the weekend before she came to get them so she wouldn't have to make an extra stop and was informed that we could make arrangements to pick him up an extra week.

We all had so much fun. Indy, the Princess, Pan and I. Absolutely great summer. Unfortunately it did not end so well for the daughter. As she was headed back home, her car blew a tire, she stepped in a bed of ants and Indy slammed a car door on her finger.

But all things happen for a reason. Once she got back, she bought a new vehicle, the swelling in her foot went down and her finger wasn't broken. And I am happy.