Friday, September 12, 2008

Landings of Tribulation

By now you probably know that Pan took me to Vegas for my birthday. A good thing for both of us as the Star Trek Experience shut down on the last day of August. I enjoyed the trip there and tried to get some pictures of the lightning, but it was just to fast for my fingers, LOL.

Although this is not too terribly good, it is one that I got as we were preparing to come in for a landing. The daytime on the way home were much better and you will be seeing some of those in the days to come.


vw bug said...

Geeze, you haven't posted in days and days AND DAYS.... I'm just crawl'n by...

Mrs. Who said...

I'm crawlin along with vw. Yep, deefinitely crawlingk. And laughing because the word verifcations are making sense!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Stopping in to leave you some LOVIN' girlfriend and to let you know that even in my HECTIC-NESS, which is MOSTLY self-induced, I AM thinking about you!!!

Funny how life can change SO drastically in a matter of moments, isn't it? AMAZING how quickly we can adapt to those changes, although not ALWAYS as quickly as the changes appear.

Been missing you darlin' and satisfied in knowing that you are HAPPY and HEALTHY!!! BIG points over here on the scoreboard for Pan treating you to VEGAS for your birthday! So glad to hear that JOB SECURITY is not an issue, especially in these times. GOSH, we SO need an overhaul, don't we? Things are VERY tight over here ... hoping to breathe a little easier soon! Good thing I can hold my breath for a LONG period of time, eh? ROFL!

Take care my friend and I ADMIRE you more than you can know.


Love and hugs,
Linda :)