Friday, July 07, 2006

Tribulations of being an actress

Blog Prompt: In a similar, but updated, theme as yesterday, if you could choose an actress to portray yourself in a movie, who would you choose and why?

Probably Lynda Carter. Why says you? Because when both of us were younger we rather favored one another. Most people, men mainly would have noticed (in the words of my uncle) our "broad" shoulders (now was he diplomatic or what?); but in actuality it was our facial features that were so similar. High checkbones, eyes, nose, etc.

I am sure we don't look anything like one another now, and I could probably have played Kirsty Alley's stunt double (that is until she lost so much weight).


vw bug said...

I remember telling you that you looked like Wonder Woman when I was younger. I also remember the smile it gave you.

loonyhiker said...

Now if you could only have the powers that Wonder Woman had! I always thought Lynda Carter was beautiful.

glynis said...

Lynda Carter looked great when I saw her on Sky High a few weeks ago...and how great to think you look like her! :)