Saturday, November 10, 2007

This Week's Events in Space #4

Mission news brings us the discovery of a fifth planet orbiting a nearby star
Discovery's landing
Check out Data & Images at the earth observatory
November 10th's
APOD is of Comet Holmes by Ivan Eder with inset by Paolo Berardi
Listen to the
spooky sounds of space
For the kids there is the
"What is the Solar System?" storybook
High school students up for a challenge should check out the
2007-2008 competition; note: deadline for "intent" is December 15, 2007
Be sure to check out Cosmiclog's Weekend Field Trips on the Web and for those of a more aeronautical bend read "Rocket Racer Revealed"

Sky & Telescope
Get a review on the Science Channel's new series "Mars Rising" by Stuart Goldman
Take a look at Kelly Beatty's
"A Plethora of Planets" to see what scientists are saying about star 55 Cancri
Alan M. MacRobert once again brings us
"This Week's Sky at a Glance"
Check out the map of Comet Holmes to see where it is going to be this week at "Comet Holmes Continues to Dazzle"
And the Editors' Choice in the Photo Gallery. Photo of Comet Holmes by Alson Wong
Mission update: "Shuttle Atlantis Rolls Toward Launch Pad"
Seth Shostak questions
"SETI: Is It Worth It?"
In the News:
"Mars to Move Backwards" by Joe Rao
Science tells us that the
sun's wayward twin has been discovered. Article by Dave Mosher
What to Bill Pullman and space exploration have in common? Make sure to check out Robert Z. Pearlman's
"Theatrical Space Odyssey" to find out.
Black Holes Warping Space and Time is an video and interactive article to answer the question how
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Sandra said...

Always enjoy your astronomy posts, Tink. I used to visit, and now you've introduced me to sky & telescope. Thanks!