Monday, June 02, 2008

The Sweet Smell of Tribulations

Mon 6/2 Blog Prompt: Well it's my turn again and boy have I have been lax this last month,what with 2 weeks away and trying to get caught up at work.... I'll try to do better about my own blog this month, promise.

I would still like to continue on our journey of self journaling and to start that off, this month how about Sights and/or Smells. Maybe something from the past or something from the present or maybe even something from the present that sparks a memory of something in the past....

Oh the smell of honeysuckle will take me back to my childhood and memories of it growing along fences. Did you ever suck on the stamins after pulling them out of the flowers? The sweet drop of nectar would tease you to get more. I guess it would hard to do that today, what with all the chemicals they use to control weeds and insects. Still there is nothing like the smell of honeysuckle on a crisp morning.

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loonyhiker said...

My husband talks about sucking on flowers which grosses me out! I guess with my allergies, whenever I smell the honeysuckle, I go running into the house as fast as I can.