Sunday, June 22, 2008

Reminiscing & Tribulations

This past month's 100% White Space Challenge at Gotta Pixel was to write about a memorable time. I chose, this time, to write about our wedding:

With so many days that are just as equally important in my mind, finding one that stands out above the rest is going to be difficult. But some are just a tad more memorable than the others due to unusual circumstances.

Therefore I will focus on my marriage to Pan. Background is important. I had purchased the Italian silk for my dress, ordered the cake, my headpiece and flower bouquet, purchased he flowers and patterns for the maid of honor’s and bridesmaid dresses, set up the time to have the wedding at sea, printed out the invitations and purchased the food for the reception.

Several weeks before the wedding, the matron of honor couldn’t find the pattern in her size so wore a tea dress instead in the colors of the maid of honor and bridesmaid dresses (one was pink; the other lavender). A week before the wedding, the ship was dry docked in Biloxi (several hundred miles from us) and the woman making my flower bouquet didn’t have it started. We had to find another place for the wedding. Luckily for us a friend of mine’s parents lived in a condo that had a ballroom we could use. I ended up buying silk flowers and a lace face and to make my own bouquet. Nothing more could go wrong, right? Well nothing major did.

Sunday morning came and we all drove up to the condo to start getting ready when we learned the guy that was going to film our marriage forgot the camera; same for the person photographing it. Thank goodness that most of the guests brought cameras or I wouldn’t have any pictures at all.

Finally the music, You’re My Inspiration by Chicago, begins to play, signaling that everything is in place and that I need to start my walk to podium. All of a sudden my garter falls to my ankle just as we step outside the door. Trying to be discreet, I gently kick my foot and it goes sailing off and lands in the lap of one of my parents’ neighbors. And this is just the beginning.

Standing before the notary (who was the same gentleman who got us the ballroom), Pan and I could not help but notice that he could not keep his eyes off my well-endowed bosom. I looked at Pan and as he looked at me I could see a mischievous twinkle in his eyes which sent me into peals of laughter. Fifteen minutes later we were finally husband and wife. And off to his parents’ home for the reception.

One would think that the reception would be a breeze after everything we had gone through already. And it was … and so much fun. Pan’s dad ordered to much champagne, I shot Pan’s boss in the head with a dart gun that was aimed at his sister and when we were on our way out and the birdseed started flying, Pan pulled a water gun uzi out of his jacket and started shooting the guests.

Yes, a very memorable event.
in bloom ©Ziggle Designs; sketch by Becky Fleck; Font: IrisUPC


ArtcTrish said...

Thats very funny. You inspire me...I'll have to share mys story too. As long as you're married in the end it doesn't matter, right?? Right????LOL

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

You my DEAREST girl, friend and INSPIRATION are TRULY amazing!!!

Firstly, to come to my blog and apologize for missing my birthday when you are awaiting a diagnosis with the pondering thoughts of CANCER running around you SWEET brain! What a selfless apology that was to make, but it is "I" who should be apologizing for having TOTALLY missed the fact that you, darlin', were preoccupied with such a scary thought! I am THRILLED to know that it was NOT!!!

I kind of relate to that a bit when the PA had jolted me unaware with the words, ovarian cancer. As much as we VOW to think positively, somehow those not so pleasant words seem to habitually resound in our ears. You can bet I was doing a lot of talking out loud to drown out those two very life-threatening words!!!

I am SO uplifted in reading about your and Pan's wedding adventures and the FOND memories they have left for you to share forevermore!!! You and I are TRULY fortunate in having the same thoughts of how LUCKY we are to awake with and bed down with our SOUL MATES each and every day of our lives. I am SOOOOO, SOOOOO very HAPPY for you, Pan and your children, their children and one day, their children and so on and so forth!

Funny again how much we are alike. I tell Robert ALL the time that he is my safe place. I melt into his arms and WWW III could take place and not even phase me!!! Well, almost! ROFL!

I have missed you! Thank you for coming to visit. I have two more kits to start and finish and I seem to be dragging my heels rather than my mouse! I think I'm just a wee bit burnt and needed the weekend off to enjoy the love of my life who is SO very patient with me (definitely something that I've had to get used to!). I am TRULY blessed Tink ... and I'm getting sappy right now as I am typing and Robert is over on the far side of the bed (a mere stone's throw from my computer desk)on his laptop listening to Bread singing "I'm Gonna Make It With You"!!! Yes, we are suckers for the oldies and I shall NEVER remove "You Are My Inspiration" from my blog knowing that it was played at your wedding Tink!!!

Have a GORGEOUS week ahead darlin'!!!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)

Smith said...

Adorable!!! I love Silk Flowers, because those are are economical as compared to fresh flowers.

Yin said...

Unbelievable, Tink! Hilarious but totally memorable, and you captured it so well!

K2 Designs said...

Thanks for sharing your day with us! I was chickling thru the whole story. Now that it's over it's funny but at the time I bet you were beside yourself..LOL.
Sounds like it was a memorable day for sure!