Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Talentless Tribulation

Tue 6/24 Blog Prompt: So where did you get your talent?
If one is to say I have talent, then I must have gotten it from my parents. Dad could paint and draw. Mom could cook and sew. Now those are talents. I know my sisters inherited the talent gene but in my case it just slipped right on by and into the next generation. My kids got all the talent. Go figure.

As for me, I will admit I am crafty, scrapbooking, cross stitching (or just about any needlework). But those all use a pattern of sorts be it an actual pattern or a template (for which I am a notorious user). All of which I will make minor changes to suit what I am endeavoring to project. And photography, which I'm still a'learnin'.

Yep, talent is a whole different genre and breed. A breed of which I am not a part of. Does that make me feel left out? Sometimes, maybe. Most times, no. I plug along doing the best I can. Sometimes it will work, sometimes not.

Just call me Crafty.
Fancy Hearts Club ©Lliella Designs; Corroded Stamp Alpha ©Atomic Cupcake; template by britt-ish Designs; Font: Times New Roman


loonyhiker said...

Hi Crafty! I think you are so talented and you are so lucky you got this from your parents!

Tammy said...

Sounds like to me you have tons of talent! Your talents are obvious in your layouts. They are always beatuiful.

karen(karooch from scraps of mind said...

I'm sorry to contradict you Tink but I have to say "RUBBISH!!"
And I can say that because that's exactly what I have spent my whole life telling myself. And it's only in the last couple of years that I'm starting to think that maybe what other people say is right and I am wrong.

I bet everyone who knows you tells you how talented they think you are. And you are simply in denial. I look at your layouts and whether you've interpreted someone else's original design or whether you've utilised a template they are still very much your creations and are beautiful.

So don't let me hear you saying any more about not having talent or I'll have to come around there and be very cross!