Monday, June 09, 2008

The Office of Tribulations

Mon 6/8 Blog Prompt: Wow, it's Monday already, so what do you say that we journal about "the office." Be it away from home or at home (and for those of you who say I don't have an office, I'm a sahm, well, you surely do. Where do you sit to pay the bills, plan the schedules, make the calls?)

I wonder what you would call a stay at home grandmother, sahg just doesn't seem right. But that is basically what I am now. For most of the week. Two days I go into the "office" to do the accounting. It's for a small hometown newspaper, of which I use to be the office manager and graphic artist. It was enjoyable, but very stressful. Even more stressful than when I was a legal secretary/assistant. And even though I am not suppose to be the office manager any longer, I still am.

It was amusing when I came back (part-time) after nearly a year hiatus, all the equipment still had notes on them to check with me before changing parts, adding toner, ribbon, or calling for repairs. I was still getting mail that should have been divied up between the 4-6 people who took my place. Instead it was being saved in a box for me. (That should have told me something right there, LOL).

I really like working just two days. It breaks up the week from the kids and gives me just a little spending money. And in case you are wondering, that is NOT me in the picture below. And the plant on the right hand side is to hide me from people coming in. The plant has since been replaced with another computer, but I'm still out of the public eye.

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ArtcTrish said...

Cute LO! Sounds like they'd go under without you!!!

loonyhiker said...

Nice to know they can't do without you! My sister works 2 days a week in a doctor's office and loves it too. I'm not ready to go back to work yet but if I do, the 2 days may be the way I go.