Friday, June 13, 2008

Handy Tribulations

Fri 6/13 Blog Prompt: Your mother’s hands

What strength lies in the hands of my mother. Having given birth to three daughters, holding each with the delicacy of a flower. Raising them to be responsible adults while never raising her hand in anger.

Over the years those hands have held me, nursed me back to health, pointed the way I should follow. They were held out to me as a safety line in which to return to the comfort of her arms.

Those hands may have aged and wrinkled, much the same way my own hands have done, but I will forever see the strength they hold.

I will Remember ©Cinzia Loosemore; sketch by Snap & Scrap; Font: P22 Corinthia

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Tammy said...

Oh wow Tink! What a great post about your mom. I love the picture of her. I really enjoyed it.