Thursday, June 05, 2008

An Experienced Tribulation

Thu 6/5 Blog Prompt: Today let's focus on an experience. Good, bad, indifferent. From the present or from the past.

This can encompass a million things can't it? But there are quite a few experiences that stand out. Really stand out. Some of which I'm just not going to share here; some of which are really embarrassing; and some of which could have ended in disaster had I taken a different course of action.

But one from my teen years that memory recalls is the night the television caught on fire. I had not been feeling well and was dozing on the couch when I should have been keeping a better eye on my two sisters. Suddenly one of them shakes me and tells me the television is on fire. Considering my age and inexperience at such things, I handled it okay, I think. I sent my sisters over to a neighbors to get the tv out (that was a good thing); but I stayed to keep watch (that was a stupid thing). Withing a short period of time, the neighbor showed up and took control to my relief.

Much like poor Indy discovered when crawling out of the pool from the side instead of using the steps. Scratched side and underarm pretty good. But he was back in the water in no time at all.

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scrapmadness said...

Aw poor little thing, but they do recover quickly.
I can't imagine what your sisters were doing to the TV to set it on fire. LOL