Saturday, June 07, 2008

Kaleidoscopes and Tribulations

Last weekend was the Princess' Ballet recital "Kaleidoscope." There will be plenty of layouts in the forthcoming weeks/months (I took enough) but what really stood out, was just before the recital how she took time with her little brother, Indy, pointing out various things at the Arts Center.

The two of them may argue as siblings always do, but there is no doubt about the bond the two of them share.

Amaryllis (c)Kathryn Estry; Cardboard bits (c)Lynne Simmons; Sketch by Becky Fleck; Fonts: SF Orson Casual, the King & Queen font


loonyhiker said...

This was so beautiful! It is a memory they will cherish when they get older!

Jeanet said...

Brothers and sisters are supposed to argue - and then make up. A wonderful shot of the two and a wonderful memory for them on the days they don't agree

ArtcTrish said...

My two are like this...whata treasure! Love the shoes with the costume:)