Monday, June 16, 2008

A Room by Room Tribulation

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So many years, so many houses. Where does one start or yet, should it be where does one end? The end is most familiar. It is where I spend my days now as I have for the past.. has it been nearly 20 years now? I guess it has.

But what of those other houses, those transient homes from which we flitted from year to year. Some I think I can recall clearly, others almost nothing at all.

My childish sketch of a long ago house is far from accurate, but I do think the placement of the rooms is. I can recall that my sister and I shared the bedroom next to the living room. And I remember the closet by the front door, especially since we were caught reading magazines we shouldn’t have been.

It seems the kitchen was sparse, but that could a result of my being small. The living/dining room(?) I remember as having a picture window. And I recall laying upon a giant stuffed bear watching Batman and the Flintstones or sitting at the table playing games with mom and dad. Usually mom.

This was the home of most of my childhood illnesses. Maybe that is why I like to think I got it mostly right.
Other memories of the house include what seems to be the biggest backyard ever. It was a duplex and had a carport. My baby sister’s room was the front bedroom with a bathroom. At least for a while. I don’t remember my parents’ room at all. I do remember almost setting a shirt on fire when I laid it over a lamp and then left the room forgetting all about it. I remember most clearly the trouble I was in after mom called the fire department.

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ArtcTrish said...

Thats really weird...except for where the closet is that is a dead on copy of my house growing up! Also the people that lived there before us changed the garage into a den just off the kitchen. Very coincidental.