Sunday, June 08, 2008

Relaxing Tribulations of a Vacation

For all that is said and done it was always a thrill to see this sight of the hotel on my return from the parks each day. It was like being transported to a different time and place ... Hawaii circa 1930. At least that is is the illusion they created, very successfully. Eating dinner on the veranda of Jake's Bar and Grill, listening to the background music of generations past was relaxing and enjoyable.

I didn't always take the boat as there was a meandering path, about 1/2 mile in length passing local foliage and birds, that ended in City Walk and the two theme parks.

It was a nice stay and I look forward to another trip to Orlando again next year. In the meantime, I'll periodically post more pictures/layouts of our trip this year (and maybe trips of the past).

Scraplift of "She Was" by MmeFifi; Oriental Touch (c)Ina's ScrapArt; Journaling Mat (c)Connie Prince; Font: KissMeKissMeKissMe

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ArtcTrish said...

Oooh how pretty! Where did you stay?? I hope (crossing fingers) we get to Orlando soon!