Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wordy Tribulations

Wed 1/31 Blog Prompt: Write for at least five minutes any words that come into your head. Forget punctuation, spelling, syntax, even meaning. If you get stuck, keep writing the last word you wrote until a new one comes.

Any words that come into my head. No punctuation, sorry that one will be next to impossible for me. punctuation comes naturally, but capitalization does not, if you see what I mean. I really can't think of any one thing, but I will try.

Bombshell, the Princess, planner, work, billing week, a new book. The Artist's Way, journaling, memories, green tea (need a sip right now), hot outside again, rather liked the cold. tribs with blog banner, hope vw can figure it out for me. a room that needs to be finished, vhs tapes to go through, Indy is home, Thomas train, dinosaurs, which invade my dreams, planes, pet shops.

Japanese fans, chopsticks, Pan has bronchitis, Nuke turns 30 on the first of March, Scamp just turned 28 and Bombshell will be 27 the middle of March. Pets, alligators, rabbits, birds, cats, dogs, gerbils and mice. Mice got loose, gerbils were given away. Mutes died 4 years ago. Doesn't seem that long; yet seems an eternity.

Okay the timer just ween off, so my wordy tribulations are now over :)


glynis said...

Great list...that is so much harder than it sounds.

*love2scrap* said...

my mind was too dark to go there that day (or right now, any day!)... and my fingers wouldn't have been able to keep up!

great job!