Thursday, February 01, 2007

Technological Tribulations

Thur 2/1 Blog Prompt: What technological discoveries are bridging the gap between generations in your family? Are you teaching your parents or are your kids teaching you?

We are definitely the bridge between the generations with both kids and parents calling for expertise. We can always tell when the call is about technology, because instead of small chitchat with me, they always ask for Pan. Although I must admit my mom always asks me first before she asks for Pan's help. She has a list she goes through: ddpup, me, bug and then finally Pan. But then again Pan is a computer engineer. Scamp called last night with a problem about his hard drive... It was toast. That's all Pan could tell him, lol.

Around the living room, you can find two computers, 1 laptop, a television with dvd player, a combination vhs/dvd, surround sound system and a cable box. The bedroom has a hi-def tv, cable box and x-box. The lighting in the house is wired to a master box. And lots and lots of remotes.

Currently not in use are two or more dvd and/or vhs players, several Apple IIe's and an Apple IIgs.

So I think it is safe to say we are the bridge.


samm said...

Tink I totally love how you have your blog set up the colours and the style look great. As for technology I am very much the bridge in my whole family for anyone who wants anything done with their computers or specially their photos.

karen said...

The guy I'm dating has wired his couch to his sound system (you might like to tell Pan about this) so that the bass line vibrates through the couch. It's an incredible sensation when the Starship Enterprise (or equivalent fast moving vehicle) zooms across the screen or when there's an explosion in a movie.