Monday, February 05, 2007

Happiness is What Kind of Tribulation?

Mon 2/5 Blog Prompt: Let's start the week off right! My life is happy because...

I got up this morning;
Indy fell asleep in my arms tonight;
I had a weekend with Pan, even though it wasn't just the two of us;
I get to talk to all three of my children now;
I can laugh, joke and talk with my mom and my sisters;
I have a home, not just a house;
I have plenty to eat (sometimes to much of it);
Pan loves me and I love him;
Pan and I don't have to talk to share our feelings, we are comfortable in our silence;
I can still tease my kids and get away with it, sometimes, they even think it's funny;
I have people around who really care about me and who I care about;
And let's face it... mainly because I got this morning :)


loonyhiker said...

I'm glad you are happy! Isn't life wonderful when you feel loved!

glynis said...

Your list has made ME happy, Tink...beautiful!

Michelle said...

reading this makes me realize what i have to feel happy about! thanks for reminding me.

Beth Nixon said...

Yep! That sounds like a happy life!! Great way to start the day . . . reading why everyone is so happy! Love it!

Laura said...

Very nice list. You brought up somethings that I think I take for granted. thanks for the reminder!

Maggie said...

you have a really wonderful list.

Harvey said...

Now... in that last line... what exactly DID you get this morning? ;-)

samm said...

great post it is good to stop and count your blessings every now and again.

Tink said...

Harv: Out of bed, a cup of tea and 5 minutes of journaling in. Pan's been sick.