Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Penny Arcade has a handle on this kid's tribulations

Yesterday, I wrote about Dove. Today I give you Penny Arcade's blog. Scroll on down to "A rare opportunity," which is dated February 17. The blog is for gamers written by a gamer and while I do not count myself in their genre, I do like reading his blog and I like watching my gamer husband and son play.

Having no knowledge of the families involved, I cannot speculate whether the email is a hoax or not. All I can do is relate to my own personal experiences, which are such that bad things can happen to good people. Bad kids can be just bad kids no matter what you do for them. I do speak from experience. Fortunately mine has a happy ending as my juvenile delinquent grew up to join the Marine Corps who was able to instill qualities in him that I just couldn't seem to do. My other two didn't have to go that extreme, :).

I do happen to believe that 90% of the time it is the family, parents and extended, that determine how a child is going to behave and how they will grow up. But there's always that 10%. And even within that 10%, some of it has to do with the family, i.e. divorce, abusive spouses, drinking, etc., which for some reason people don't think of as problems. Oh well.

Now I have to go help the Princess play Star Wars Legos.

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Harvey said...

For gamers (and gamer sympathizers) I highly recommend the comic "The Order of the Stick":

Start at the beginning and work your way through.

Probably the most intelligent web comic in existence.