Tuesday, February 13, 2007

No Call List and a Tribulation

I got a call from a mortgage lender wanting to discuss lowering our mortage interest. First I start out with the standard, I'm not going to be making that decision without consulting my husband so you might as well wait and call him, when in mid-sentence I recalled that we are on the "no call list."

Umm... where did you get this number from? Well ma'am from your lender. Oh, guess I will have to talk to my lender then, because we are on the no call list and you shouldn't be calling. Write if you want our business.

You know, I really think lenders (who are getting paid to disclose these numbers) should have to pay us for every unwanted call we get. I mean what is the purpose of being on a no call list if your lender can sell your number to whomever. Yep, I think $100 for every unwanted call might suffice.


vw bug said...

If you figure out how to make that work, let me know!

Roses said...

There is a bank that I won't name (Chase) that tells you in its disclosure statement that it WILL sell your info.

I heard it on Clark Howard.