Monday, February 12, 2007

Meandering Tribulations

Things I have been meaning to post but forgot to during the tribulations of an uncooperative computer:

1. Remember that ad where the little boy was pushing his car up and down his mother's leg and going "bump, bump, bump"? Well Indy was not doing that. What happened as I lounged on the bed watching Pan play his X-Box game was Indy pushing my pj bottoms up, rubbing his hand up and down my lower leg, going "ow, ow, ow." Okay, unless the boat is in the water, I wear pants, jeans, or slacks. I do not wear dresses, skirts or shorts, hence I do not see the need to shave my legs every single day. Once a week or two should suffice.

Now before you guys go off about this, just remember, the only man's opinion that matters to me is Pan's. And let's face it, he isn't going to looking at my legs the majority of the time.

2. If you have been reading, you know I have had some major computer problems. This weekend Pan figured out that it was the motherboard. He has it jury-rigged in the hopes that it will last a couple more months at least. You know and I know, it is not his fault that I'm having this problem. Just with everything else (see below), it was like the straw that broke the camel's back. As he was trying his best to work on it yesterday, I came over to hug and hold him while he was waiting. I asked him why he could fix everyone elses computer but could not fix mine.... He told me that I have one of the most complex computers in the country. I believe him.

3. Things that have gone wrong: computer; Vista (which btw I do like); television; garbage disposal; Pan's lingering illness; Indy's stuffy nose; the Princess' stomach problems returning; I now there are more because I told them to the bug, but because I told her I didn't retain the memory. Maybe she can enlighten me. Then again maybe not.

4. I have been writing in journals to the kids (my kids, not the grands); but since I have started doing the "Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron with an on-line group to fiqure out where my creativity took a vacation to, I have only been writing in Nuke's. Of course, I will have it full before long and will have to switch to one of the other kids. But then they will have swap the journals around to get the full story. Wow, that would be cool.

5. I am so tired of hearing "noping." I think I need to put tape over Indy's mouth just to make sure I don't hear it one more time. Of course, the Princess has taking to saying nothing... which is where I am sure he gets it from.

6. And just, pray tell, where did he learn to fold his hands together, hold them up to his cheek, look at me with great big eyes and say Please when he wants something, especially to watch Star Wars for the 10 millionth time today.

7. The Princess wants to learn to knit. Wish her luck. I'm not a good teacher. I get to frustrated when I have to explain the same thing 20 million times. Probably why I ended up resenting the receptionists at work. Degrees in history and they think they know everything, everything except how to pay attention, apparently.

8. I would really like my daughter to get home on time. PLEAAAASE.


Harvey said...

He's only seen Star Wars 10 million times?

OBVIOUSLY not a dedicated fan :-)

Lemon Stand said...

As for the knitting... I ended up sending my kids to my mother to learn how to knit. I can't do it to save my life and I, too, am not real patient with teaching stuff like that.

carinc said...

About #4 - I have been doing the Artists Way too and I do find it helpful - would be interested in knowing what online group is out there? Also been sporatically journaling to my son as well as writing out my childhood memories but doing it in separate unpublished blogs. I only write my morning pages long hand to get past the daily "garbage".