Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tribulation of a Bad Meal and More

Wed 2/7 Blog Prompt: What was the worst meal you ever had? Describe it in detail! Make us taste it!

I guess that would be the meal that we had at the Chinese Dinner Theatre in Hong Kong. But it wasn't the entire meal, just portions of it. The one's that stood out most were the 100 year old eggs, which were shaped like squares that had yellow and brown spots all over it. But when you cut into it, it was runny and tasted like dirt. Yuck, runny dirt. The next thing we had was a soup, and even though I had never had it before (in any form) I knew immediately it was shark. I know alot of people who enjoy it but it just didn't appeal to me. Then the last course of the meal was again a type of soup. It was pink and tasted just like Pepto Bismol. Yuck.

Thurs 2/8 Blog Prompt: What adages, mottoes, or phrases of advice were common in your family when you were growing up? (e.g., "Cleanliness is next to Godliness." "No use crying over spilled milk." "Do what I say, not what I do.") Write about a specific incident when the phrase was used. Do those words still have any power over you?

Will have to think on this one, because I cannot recall any specific phrases or adages that were used in my family while growing up or even any that used with the kids while they were growing up. Wait, maybe it "Because I'm mother, that's why!" And yes, I have used that one on my children as well, LOL. But I can't think of a single episode where it was used. Mainly it would come out when I would whine about something.

Friday 2/9 Blog Prompt: Yesterday we talked about phrases from your past. Now let's jot down some phrases from your present! List some phrases that you hear your spouse (or other family member) saying a lot. Or, for something different, take note of some of the funny things that come out of the mouths of the kids in your life!

Right now Indy is in that toddler stage wherein most ask "Why" to anything you tell them. Not Indy though. His favorite word of choice is "Noping" (translation: Nothing). Then again he doesn't hear statements like "stop that," "come here," etc. We are constantly having to ask him what he is doing.... Noping.


Roses said...

Wosrt meal: Chinese, as well. Authentic. The couple was leaving the country and cooked everything in their home so it wouldn't go to waste. Gave it all to a sister-in-law who invited us to help her eat it. Honest to goodness, one dish had TENTACLES!
The husband, who will eat anything, managed to swallow a few bites only because he kept telling himself, "It's edible. It won't kill me."


Mrs. Who said...

I can't recall a 'worst' meal. And I don't think it would top your 100-year old dirt eggs anyway.