Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tribulations Worth Remembering

Wed 3/12 Blog Prompt: Worth Remembering (things I don’t want to ever forget)

This could go in so many different directions. I chose to go into my past. Some even distant past. Some of those things I think worth remembering are those people who in some way made me who I am. I remember hearing about my great uncle Emil who traveled the world (and served in the German army at the turn of the century), my grandfather (who by this picture would have made a great silver screen star, don't you think? or maybe a mafia boss type, LOL), my parents (the most influence) and my maternal great grandparents who between them at some 13 children.

While I cannot say they played (except for my parents) a direct roll in my character, the choices they made most definitely influenced the course of my being. What if... You know, I don't even think I will go there. I think I will just be thankful they made the choices they did and I will remember.

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Tammy said...

I love how you remembered your grandparents. Thats a beautiful layout too.

Neverland Scraps said...

Love the layout and how it looks. You did a spectacular job putting this one together!!

Sandra said...

They heritage layout is looks very vintage, and I love the dapper fellow with the horn rimmed glasses and bow tie (would that be your father?).

You appear to be very attached to your roots. Egads, thirteen children?!

Tink said...

Yep, Sandra, that is indeed my father and the lovely lady with him is my mom. She's also the little one standing on the bench in the picture to the left. :)