Thursday, March 13, 2008

Television Tribulations

Thu 3/13 Blog: Those TV Shows

From my page below: "I remember in jr. high running home to watch Dark Shadows, then it was Here Come the Brides and Star Trek. Soon after Space 1999 had made its debut along with the Muppet show, Flash & The Greatest American Hero. And who can forget about MacGyver and the mystique of his first name. As time slipped by Stargate was airing and became another favorite.Now there is NCIS, Numbers, Monk, Eureka, House, Boston Legal & Smallville. Only time will tell is to become the next show. But of all the above, I hope that Eureka continues to be on the air."

And speaking of tv shows, has anyone seen 'Stargate The Ark of Truth' yet? We managed to get the next to last copy at Best Buy on Tuesday and it really ties up some loose ends. Now I wonder what loose ends the made for dvd Stargate movie coming out this summer is going to tie up.

Although it is not a television show, but a movie, I have read that the last Harry Potter book "The Deadly Hallows" is going to be made into two movies. Seems they felt they would have to leave too much that was important out if it was just one.

Sketch by Becky Fleck; Little Dreamer kit (c)Bits O'Scrap: Fonts: Trek Classic Credits, Teletype


Sandra said...

Ooooh, I miss Dark Shadows! Barnabas always gave me the creepin' willies, Man.

loonyhiker said...

I remember Dark Shadows too! I watched all 3 parts of Tin Man on Sunday and it was pretty good. And, I finally got up enough nerve to make the German potato salad from the recipe you gave me and my hubby loved it! Thank you!

beachcomber said...

I remember Here Comes the Brides. I liked watching MacGuyver and Greatest American Hero.