Monday, March 03, 2008

Color of My Tribulation

Mon 3/3 Blog Prompt: How about a month of all about Me topics. I got this list from Mich, who says that she got it from someone else, LOL. We will probably duplicate somewhere along the line, things we have done in the past, but oh well. And if you really feel up to it, how about a scrapbook page for each topic? On to today's then: Your favorite color. Has it always been your favorite? If not when did it change and why? Go into detail about it. What feelings does it evoke when you see it? Is it a color you prefer to see or to wear? Etc.

From my layout below: Sure, pink was my color as a young girl. But then what young girl didn't like the color pink. But by the time I was in high school, my choice had altered to purple and yellow. I remember the big furry yellow pillow and the gaudy purple velvet bedspread. Liberace would have been proud. Nowadays I find that I have a more settled outlook on color and prefer the soft creams, ecru's and beige's. The color of warm sand on the beach. Light touches of sea green and teal. The more neutral colors of brown and grey are what I find most soothing these days.

As I read what I wrote, I think about how my poor mother had to deal with the color choices I made in my "formative" years. Those were the days of neon colors and black lights, black velvet posters painted with neon colors. Bright, vibrant, I'm alive colors. Rich and exotic. Not the vivid primary colors of our youth. Something more. Something we had to declare to the world.

But as with all things, life has a tendency to change as did my choice of color. Part I am sure is because of the weight I have gained over the years due to steroids, lack of exercise and a multitude of other faults. Still I find that the muted teals, forest greens, dark burgundies, soft creams and delicate browns, beckoning me, telling me that I have reached a stage in my life that is content. No need to take on the world any longer, no need to tell it that I am here. It knows. Now is the time in my life to sit back and enjoy the sight of today's youth trying out their colors for the world while I wrap up in the warmth of my own.

Sketch by Chris Greiser; Fantasy in Blue kit (c)Barbara Schiefer; Font: Three-Sixty; Arial


Tammy said...

Wonderful post Tink!! I love the layout.

karooch (from Scraps of Mind) said...

I love how you've tracked your life through colour here Tink. It;s a great story and it's made me think about my own colour journey. Thanks a lot for that.

loonyhiker said...

Your post reminded me of the time I just had to paint my room something other than the off white it was. I painted three walls a mint green and one wall a kelly green. My parents let me do this because I was pretty spoiled but I know they weren't happy about it. lol

Quanita said...

love the layout its beatiful. I always despised pink, but now have a healthy dose of it in my wardrobe

Did you have bling to go with your purple and yellow?

Custom Blog Designs said...

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