Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Piece of My Tribulation

Tue 3/4 Blog Prompt: Day two of our All About Me journey is pieces of me (picture and/or words that describe me). Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

I probably should wait and do this justice, but in that case I may not get it done, LOL. Most people would describe me as being too nice. Even my family has commented on that. I know, I know, how can one be too nice? It's easy and really hasn't got anything to do with being nice, so much as, afraid that no one can do the job as well as you.

That should give you an indication of my personality right there. Also most people would describe me as an extrovert, a people person. Neither of which I am. I am uncomfortable around people but somehow over the years have developed the knack of appearing so. Getting a good clue now?

But as it says in my layout, I am loyal to family and those people whom I consider friends. Yep, I am one of those who really would lay their life down to protect those I care for. I am true to my believes, but don't feel I need to push them off on anyone else. If you ask though, I will answer. So if you don't really want to know, don't ask. LOL.

Well duty is calling in the form of a granddaughter who needs help with her homework. Maybe I can update this later :)

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Quanita said...

I dont want to know so I wont ask LOL!

Good One Tink!

I love the layout its very cute and I think that others perceive you as too nice is fabulous!

Tammy said...

Wonderful post and layout. We do have alot in common.

loonyhiker said...

I know exactly what you mean about appearing an extrovert but deep inside you really are an introvert. I too have learned how to appear that way to people (I guess that is why I go by loonyhiker more than Pat, because it sounds funnier and friendlier). But in reality, I really am shy and unsure of myself.