Monday, March 31, 2008

Sportly Tribulations

Mon 3/31 Blog Prompt: Sports (you enjoy playing or watching)

Sports... I would rather participate than watch them. But nowadays, at my age, I prefer to not even participate, LOL. Well, I would if it was tennis or archery, but given my limited time and the cost, that's just not on the calendar anytime soon. LOL.

Throughout my life I have played baseball (had a 6th grade teacher who had a passion for it so we played everyday for at least an hour); as a senior the class took up cycling (got us out of the school for about an hour each day, LOL); judo (didn't last long there); field hockey (no ice in Guam); tennis (I played tennis for many a year after graduating); and archery (came in 3rd in a tournament). Now I think I should take up the sport of walking :)

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loonyhiker said...

I'm the complete opposite. I'd rather watch than participate. I would rather be the cheerleader than the player. I'm pretty shy and would hate having all the attention on me that a player usually gets.

Leslie said...

Until recently, I drove my boys several times a week to all their many sports, basketball, touch football, pool...

Now, I just scrap their sport pictures. I have a lot of Alessandro playing pool on Kaleidoscope and just put a picture of Giancarlo representing his state up on his blog. :)