Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Pokemon Tribulations

This is just too scary...

Your Pokéname is:
You live in the snowy valleys of Patagonia, and your diet consists mostly of fruits, cows and tea.
(Combat and Non-combat)

You can swim in poison. You have a force field. You can shoot rocks. You can breathe Mr. PiBB. You can drink air. You can swim in Dr. Pepper. You have cool shades. You can breathe fire.
Natural Enemies
Your natural enemy is Snakeyu.

Thanks be to Bug and to get your own Pokemon name head over to Pizza Sandwich.


vw bug said...

That is very very funny! At least you don't eat bugs.

Quanita said...

this is a total scream I was a pokemon nut when the game came out (I think I was 25?!) definitely going to do this