Friday, March 07, 2008

Make My Tribulations

Fri 3/7 Blog Prompt: Top 10 things that make my day.

I love lists, especially when my mind is a total blank of something to write about, :)

1. Hearing Pan say 'I Love You'
2. The Princess acting all grown up
3. The sound of Ballerina's voice
4. Indy's laughter
5. Hearing from the boys
6. Talking with my mom
7. Talking with my sisters
8. Practice with my camera
9. Time with friends
10. Sleeping late.

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loonyhiker said...

Since I have been having menopausal hot flashes, I have no idea what it is to sleep late. I go to bed around 11pm and I'm up at 4am. No nap during the day. No wonder menopausal women are cranky!! Great list!

Quanita said...

Great List and Layout Tink!
I love sleeping late and napping during the day!

glynis said...

The layout and the list are perfect!!