Saturday, March 22, 2008


Petrified wood - As I was thinking about items to take pictures of for my picture a day, I recalled that my mother had given me a box of things that she had collected over the years that she thought The Princess might be able to use in school. One of the items was a bag of petrified wood. It was interesting to see it and remember when we had stopped there and looked around.

Another trip we had taken was to Cape Cod (actually I think we lived there for a brief period of time) and mom picked up this weekly magazine and saved it. Within its 128 pages (can you make out how much it was to mail the 128 page magazine back in 1967?) is information about surrounding towns, upcoming events, cooking, dining, recommendations, humor, maps and more. One of my favorite is "Wit and Wisdom of the Dead."

Another treasure discovered was a package of sheets from an exhibition in Chinese regarding the development of Ceramics in China, Ch'ing Dynasty Costume Accessories, Miniature Curio Cabinets, Ming Anl Ch'ing Dynasty Enamel Ware, Carvings from the Ming and Ch'ing Dynasties, Lacquer Ware, Bronze Vessels and Musical Instruments, and this one from the back page about Chinese Jade.

Why in the world my mother would have saved a mold (actually 3) of teeth is beyond me, but the grands love looking at them, LOL. And who knows once they start studying health in school (do they still teach that?) they may come in handy.

We had a beautiful day this week and The Princess was spending time with us as Indy is off visiting his other grandparents. Photo shoot time.... And she is always a good subject.

Easter is almost here and one of the photos I have to take for a photo challenge was of holiday candy. I was going nuts trying to figure out where I was going to get holiday candy when I recalled that Pan bought these for me. I'm not a big candy eater, but for candy corn at Halloween and Peeps at Easter I'll make the exception.

I was trying to set up to get some pictures for the picture of a day when kfkap decided he really needed to be in the picture. That is an IBC root beer bottle in case you are wondering.

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