Saturday, March 08, 2008


My zen garden. Very tiny one, mind you. Just desktop size. Actually that is why I bought it. To keep on my desk at work. After a couple of years the boss asked me to take it back home as he was afraid the sand would get in the computer. Oh I was pretty zen about the garden. Once I found a pleasing combination, I left it. What I did not count on was the other people in the office would come in and arrange it when they got stressed.

I am sure all you pilots out there will recognize this. And probably quite a few non-pilot types as well. It's a compass from an airplane. I have had it since I was in my early teens. Very handy to have around. :)

It seems lately no matter where I walk in the house, I am stepping on dinosaurs. Not little ones but these monsters which measure nearly 12 inches. And how do I manage to step on something so large?Well, they hid and then jump out just as I get close to their position. Only kidding, actually just parts of them are sticking out at any one time from under the furniture and that is the part I get.

Remember the Ty Baby craze a couple of years ago? Boy do I. I swear we must have bought just about every ty baby ever made. This is the Sun Ray The Princess insisted she had to have when we were visiting MacGuire's Irish Pub one year.

Pan will always be a child at heart as can be surmised by the Easter Eggs he brought home for The Princess and Indy. Was it that he thought they would like them or did he just want some for himself?

One of the most memorable trips I ever took was when the Bug invited me to visit her in Germany. We had tons of fun running around Munich and Austria. She was an excellent tour guide. I didn't bring that many souvenirs home, but this shot glass was one. Do you remember my first Word of the Week (way back when)? It was zarf. Do you see the metal holder the glass is setting in? Well that could be considered a zarf.

One of the boys, and I'm thinking it was Nuke brought back this little jar of painted sand from one of his travels. Why Nuke? Because he was more into souvenirs while Scamp was more into pictures.

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