Friday, March 21, 2008

Dream Houses & Tribulations

Fri 3/21 Blog Prompt: Dream House (blueprints and journaling about the house we’d love)

I really think my layout says it all. I have always wanted a house based on the ancient Roman architecture with an atrium at the center. Of course, they didn't have glass walls back then, but I would now with light shining in from skylights to filter into the living areas through the atrium. It definitely would have a pool (impluvium) and plenty of plants. A place for relaxing and entertaining. On the back wall of the home would be a series of sliding glass doors leading to a wrap around deck and a backyard big enough for the children to really have a great time. Tree houses, sandbox, swings and slides.

But I am happy with the house that I have.

Toundra kit & alpha (c)Imagine by Fran; Font: Times New Roman

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loonyhiker said...

Wow! That would look so cool! I can't wait to come visit you!