Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tribulations or ... A Horse, Of Course

Tues 5/6 Blog Prompt: May 3 was the running of the Kentucky Derby. Would you want to be a horse? Why or why not?

Not me, no how, no way. I think I would just rather stand back and enjoy their beauty. I use to have a Tennessee Walker and I just loved that horse. Of course, he was much, much taller than me and I normally ended up riding the appaloosa, but I really preferred the Walker. He was so gentle and good nature. But I still wouldn't want to be a horse and dine on oats and grass.

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Sandra said...

I'm with you...beautiful to behold, but no thank you.

Horses are waaaay too much animal for me.

Lovely layout, BTW. Very vintage colors.

loonyhiker said...

You lucky thing! I always wanted to own a horse when I was growing up. Unfortunately my last riding experience as an adult was the most humiliating, most embarrassing, most awful experience in my life and it was NOT pretty. Plus, my allergies go beserk when I am around them.

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh my Tink, what INCREDIBLE family photos and SO wonderfully preserved in TINK style!!!

A horse, eh? Hmmm ... if memory serves me correctly, that is my Chinese astrology sign, which I guess means that I am already a HORSE!!! ROFL!

Mr. Ed is my ALL-TIME fave of course, with the Arabian we bought daughter number two back in the early 90's who was registered (never got the papers but we did not care!) and foaled almost one year to the day we bought her! The woman we bought Zanna from raised Arabians and was selling her ranch - she did not know that Zanna had conceived so it was a DOUBLE-BLESSING for my daughter who BEGGED for a horse we could not afford nor house. Both Arabians were kept on a ranch owned by Joan's best friend's parents. PHEW! I was SO relieved - how do you not give a child their dream if it's put right into your path???

Have a GREAT week and keep those INSPIRATIONAL layouts a coming darlin' - they are all SO lovely!

Linda :)