Monday, May 12, 2008

A Masculine Birthday Tribulation

The card challenge at Gotta Pixel this month was to make an adult male birthday card using an alpha and at least 2 brads. I think this would qualify for an adult male, but I'll let you be the judge, :).

Still I would not be adverse to give it to say, my grandson who turns 4 tomorrow nor my sister, ddpup, who turned 50 on the first. I had lost my voice that day so was unable to call and wish her a very happy half-century birthday. But I thought about her all day and it was rather depressing to know I couldn't needle her about growing old. At least she is doing it more gracefully than I am. So Sis, Happy Belated Birthday from your "older" sister. Love you.

Ara kit (c)Imagine by Fran; Template by Becky Fleck; Alpha & brads (c)CompooperTeacher, SNL #25

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