Friday, May 02, 2008

A Multitude of Tribulations

Tues 4/29 Blog Prompt: What did you memorize when you were younger that you still remember?

Oh, oh, this is easy. Jingle Bells in Latin. The kids loved that I could sing it in Latin and it became a Christmas favorite around our house. They will still sing it and hopefully will pass it on to their children.

Wed 4/30 Blog Prompt: Today is National Honesty Day. How do you feel about honesty? Essential or overrated in relationships?

Honestly? I am a big supporter of honesty in most situations. Although there are times when honesty can be detrimental. Total honesty that is. I believe there times when tact and discretion would be a favorable replacement. But on the whole I think it is better to be honest than to try and maintain a lie.

Thanks Glynis for a wonderful month of prompts. Today starts the round of prompts from Loonyhiker...

Thurs 5/1 Blog Prompt: April Showers brings May Flowers. What is your favorite flower and why?

Once upon a time I would have just spouted "Wisteria." I love the delicate lavender color, the way the flowers are arranged in a grape like cluster and the wonderful fragrance which it exudes. And they are still on my list of favorites.

But once upon a time, several years ago, while sitting at my desk at work, a floral van pulled up and out came the most beautiful orchids I had ever seen. Imagine my surprise when they were delivered to me. My birthday was coming up and Pan was out of town. So he called our florist (one of the best on the coast) and asked him to deliver something special. M chose the orchids. I was the envy of the office.

Fri 5/2 Blog Prompt: May 2 is No Pants Day! Would this be a good day for you? Why or why not?

Depends on what I would have to wear. I could get by in a dress or skirt, but not to sure about shorts, LOL.

Now take a moment to check out my layout. I really love this one. I love how the lyrics from the song "Hero" by Mariah Carey work so well with the picture of Scamp as a lad (that is a professional blended photo I had bought when he was about three) looking forward and then looking up to the photo of himself as a Marine stationed in Iraq.

Inspiration kit (c)Kathryn Estry; Template by Neverland Scraps; Lyrics from the song "Hero" by Mariah Carey; Fonts: Palatino Linotype; Nemo Nightmares


Tammy said...

oh my gosh Tink!! What a beautiful layout. I just love you used the younger version in the background. Great idea. I know he will love this when he sees it.

loonyhiker said...

I like wisteria and orchids too. My stepmom save 2 orchids from the trash can at a country club and I've had them ever since. I love when they bloom!

Mrs. Who said...

When I was a child, I loved wisteria so much I wanted to name my daughter 'Wisteria'. My daughter's really grateful I changed my mind.

And that is a wonderful layout of Scamp!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

I am in TOTAL agreement with your Tink as to when COMPLETE honesty is appropriate and when it is not.

Look at me! I've been SOOOOO missing you and concerned about you that I came over here to DESTRESS from all of the FRANTIC HUB-BUB in my life as of late!!!

I am going to be making some changes as I have been stretching myself way too thin (hmmm ... now that is actually a PLEASANT thought if it meant losing some fat cells!!!) and I am PLUM tuckered out!

Your scrapping talent NEVER ceases to AMAZE me and this last round of them that I am beholding are INSPIRING and downright BEAUTIFUL!!!

Hoping to find that ALL is well with YOU and YOUR loved ones darlin'!!!

BUMPING UP to your most recent post!!!


vw bug said...

Wow that is a great layout of scamp!! And I love the ones you did with me in the other posts!