Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dog Days of Tribulations

Thurs 5/8 Blog Prompt: On May 8, 1877, the first Westminster Dog Show was held. What is your favorite kind of dog?

I must admit that I am rather partial to Great Danes. I had one named Rocky when I was married to the ex and it was always so reassuring to have him around when I was home alone. Although we ended up replacing a number of windows since every time we would leave then come back he would get so excited and start wagging his tail. We tried chaining him up to his dog house since it was spiked into the ground rather firmly, but as we were driving away we kept hearing this kerlump, kerlump and as I looked back Rocky was galloping to catch up dragging his doghouse behind him. But he was so gentle.

We had a kitten at the time too. Dust would curl up by Rocky's ear and snooze away. Even if he was wide awake, Rock would just lie there until the cat woke up. What a great parent he was to Dust too. Whenever Dust would do something bad (like pee on the floor), Rock would very carefully pick him up in his mouth and put him on the bookshelf. Then stare at him. After about 10 minutes he would take him down and they would play together. I sure miss him.

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loonyhiker said...

I couldn't help laughing at the picture of the dog and doghouse! I think Great Danes are beautiful looking.

Anonymous said...

Yes - I had a Great Dane once too. :)

Mrs. Who said...

Rocky sounds like a wonderful dog.