Friday, May 09, 2008

Oh, Mother of My Tribulations

Fri 5/9 Blog Prompt: May 11 is Mother’s Day. Tell about your mother or a mother figure in your life.

Interestingly enough my layout for today is of my mom. At her graduation. With her uncle and her dad. There is so much you can say about my mother. She's a strong person who is very capable of keeping her emotions in check. Wish I had gotten that from her. I always tended to fly off the handle about any little thing, but not her. She always seems to analyze before making a decision or comment. What a great world this would be if more people acted like her.

Flights of Fancy (c)Cheri Shields; Scraplift of "My Love" by heb1976; Font: Arial


loonyhiker said...

Your mother sounds like a great lady! You may be more like her than you actually realize! :)

Tammy said...

Great post about your mom and I love the layout Tink. Your mom sounds like a lovely woman.