Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Stuck a Feather in His Cap and Called it Tribulations

Wed 5/7 Blog Prompt: On May 7, 1660, Isaack B. Fubine of Savoy, in The Hague, patents macaroni. What is your favorite macaroni dish?

If we are speaking just of "macaroni," then I would have to say my favorite would be, of course, mac and cheese. Homemade is the best of the best made with provolone, cheddar, jack and mozzarella. Oh yum. But sometimes I am to lazy to grind up all that cheese and will resort to just using the prepackaged Velvetta mac and cheese.

Now if we are speaking of pasta in general, spaghetti would head my list (although I do use macaroni a lot of times as it is not as messy when eating as trying to twine spaghetti noodles around a fork.)

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Sandra said...

MMMmmm. No such thing as too much cheese, is there?

Tink, what's a kirtie? I'm intrigued. Also, will you be posting photos???

Inquiring minds and all that:)

Katrina said...

All those different kind of cheeses must make your mac & cheese very tasty.

loonyhiker said...

I love macaroni and cheese! In fact, it helped me survive through college and my first few years of teaching (when we only got paid once a month and it was 6 weeks between my Dec. and Jan. checks).