Saturday, May 17, 2008

Childhood Tribulations

At times practical jokes just seem to spring forth unaided from my brain. And when I play them, they are very detailed. :)

Since this is the month of my sister's birth, a story of our childhood together seems to be appropriate (or maybe several). Being military brats, oft-times we had to play together or with no one at all. Fortunately we liked one another. But even then my practical joke side would win through as in one evening when I told my darling sister about the tiny folk that lived underground in our back yard. Oh it was full of detail on how I would shrink to their size on special nights and dance at a beautiful ballroom. The next day I showed her the "entrance" to this magical land. Within you could see the tiny tables and chairs set about. She so wanted to attend one of the balls with me, and I had to deliver the bad news that she wasn't yet old enough. The entrance was a hole I had dug in the yard, the tables and chairs the shiny white rocks which had fallen from the roof. But power of a child's imagination transcends the obvious.

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loonyhiker said...

What a great fantasy! Kids today don't know how to use their imagination any more. Maybe I read the wrong thing but I thought you would be traveling and it would be hard to blog? I'm glad to see your posts!