Friday, April 06, 2007

The Week in Blog Prompts and Tribulations

I have been just so blah lately. Can't seem to get into a mood for anything or anyone for that matter. :(

Mon 4/2 Blog Prompt: Blow out the candles and make a wish! What did you wish for and why?

Blank, I'm totally blank. Guess I wish my daughter would quit believing Indy's dad each time he says he's going to pick him up. When he calls with more excuses or tries to blame the miscommunication on her, it just upsets her and me, since I am the one who usually ends up having to change my plans.

Tues 4/3 Blog Prompt: I decided to do another letter of the day. Since I enjoyed so much doing the letter "G" last week I decided to start with letter "A" Boy, it took me longer than usual to think of 10 words that start with A. Letter of the Day is "A" (thanks to mom2triplets04)

Angry. See above

Abeyance. Does seem that my time is always in abeyance to the needs of others. I need to take a stand, put my foot down. And I won't.

Antacids. What I really need to buy in bulk.

Adamant. I am adamently opposed to men who just want to see their kids to upset their mothers, who tell their kids they are going to pick them up then call the mother at the last minute to say they are coming and it is up to her to tell them.

Aggravated. That I am still here waiting for the idiot to show up. Why don't I just get Indy dressed and leave? Shortly I will.

Ashamed. That I am being so petty and grouchy this week.

Altruistic. I really wish I wouldn't be so. Constantly trying to look out for others and doing what is best for them is trying on oneself.

Ability. I need to work on my scrapbooking and journaling ability more. I need time to do so. I need...

Active. Definitely need to be more active in obtaining my goals. Need to let go of those things that don't facilitate my emotional growth and gather close to me those that do.

Abject. More of how I feel this week. Notice a flow here?

Wed 4/4 Blog Prompt: So, in reference to my yesterday.... What do you do when you find yourself overbooked? Are you someone that pushes through and collapses at the end? Cancel out selectively and give yourself breathing room? Or maybe curl up in the fetal position and cry?

Boy, do I really want to go here after the last one? I push on and on and on. Holding it all in until one day I explode. Then do I ever feel guilty afterwards. Even if I was in the right.

Thurs 4/5 Blog Prompt: Muse: a source of inspiration; especially : a guiding genius. What would you consider to be your muse? Why?

Got to admit that the grands really are a source of inspiration. Their ability to look at the world with eyes full of innocence and love. The sparkle that gleams from their eyes from a new bug or even a stick. I'm not talking just about Indy and Ballerina; but even from 7 1/2 year old Princess. Each age sees things in such a different light and I love to listen to them talk about it or just look at it.

Friday 4/6 Blog Prompt: Okaaaaaay, so yesterday's prompt was a bust! Oh well, let's do an easy one for Friday. How about a weekly wrap up and also your plans for Easter weekend.

If you have gotten this far down, then you can pretty well tell how my week went. Badly... Badly, because I let it get that way instead of taking the initiative to make it better.

As for the Easter weekend, Pan and I will probably stay around the house and wish the kids were here with us instead of with their fathers and other grandparents. We will try to relax and enjoy the weekend anyway and reflect on the ways we can improve the house and play video games together. Maybe even find some time to talk.

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