Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tribulations of a Creative Cookie Haiku

Monday 4/23 Blog Prompt: Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Here's todays - Is there a time of the day when you feel most creative?

Of course there is.... When I should be doing something else, in fact. Like dishes, making the bed scrubbing the toilet, etc. Isn't every more creative when they are trying to get out of doing something they dislike? Or is it just me?

Tuesday 4/24 Blog Prompt: How about food? I love talking about food and I've been hungry for homemade cookies. What's your favorite cookie? Do you make it? Does someone else? Do you buy it?

Wow. I haven't had cookies in ages. My mom use to make wedding cookies that I really liked growing up. They were crumbly and rolled in powdered sugar. And I even like Chocolate Crinkle cookies; even though nowadays, I don't care for chocolate. These days I really like the oatmeal cookies the husband of a friend of mine makes. Yummy.

Wednesday 4/25 Blog Prompt: Let's write a poem. Try a haiku, rhyming, or any other style you like.

Seems I have done this before and at that time it was about Indy as well. But here it goes:

Running rapidly
through the house, undeterred
by the obstacles


glynis said...

Chocolate Crinkles? Those sound delicious! And another great poem, Tink!

beachcomber said...

Great haiku. Yum Chocolate Crinkles. You all have come up with some good haikus. I haven't even thought of one yet. :(

Shawn said...

aaaah! Haiku that understands me! Never heard of chocolate to Google!

karen said...

Great haiku Tink.
Could you email me some of tose chocolate crinkles please?

*love2scrap* said...

I have made a lot of chocolate crinkles for my man. Two years ago, Miss J made a giant one for his birthday - the size of a dinner plate.

love the haiku :)

you are very successful!

Harvey said...

You're not alone.

"It's not procrastination, I'm just being creative elsewhere"

Yeah, that one's familiar :-)