Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tribulations of Gi-normous Proportions

Tuesday 4/17: Today we'll put on our thinking caps and get a little creative. Here's the background: I heard someone use the word "gi-normous" the other day (obviously a mashing of 'gigantic' and 'enormous') and it made me think how descriptive it is. So your assignment is - Make up a word--a blending of two or more words -- that describes your best qualities.

I came up with one, but was told my higher powers (my mother) that it really isn't what a made up word. I had called her to ask about words to describe my best qualities and she came up with things like dependable, trustworthy and communicates well. Okay that last one is two words.

But I decided to use dependable and communicate to come with a new word to describe myself and came up with.... Are you ready yet?



*love2scrap* said...

Let's hope that your dependability and communication are infectious!

glynis said...

LOL I love it, Tink!

karen said...

Well if you can't have 'communicable' Tink, how about 'dependicate'?