Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Product Tribulations

Tuesday 4/10 Blog Prompt: Free Advertising!! Are there three products in your life that you just love (favorite scrapping designer? a cleaning product that does what it claims? or your favorite restaurant?)? Tell us about them! (Add links and maybe we'll decide we can't live without them either)

I just love my rice bowls and chopsticks. I have several sets of chopsticks but my favorite is the set from my DIL's parents. My rice bowls have covers that also serve as sauce bowls.

I also love my steel griddle that fits over four burners that I use for teppan style cooking. We finally brought my dad's grill home and I have discovered that it came with a smaller griddle and that my big one will fit on it as well; so I can cook outside without smoking up the house

There is a cleaning product that I have found really, really works. I hate cleaning toilet bowls; and when I finally found Bowl Blaster in the store I shop, I picked it up to try it. And I works like a charm.


karen said...

Now you can spend less time cleaning the toilet Tink, and more time cooking up a storm.

Mrs. Who said...

Will that stuff work on cleaning the kids' rooms?

Oh, never mind. I'm asking for a miracle!

glynis said...

Anything to make life less about cleaning toilet bowls...I'll have to try this out. Thanks for the tip! And wow, when can I come to your house for dinner?? Sounds delicious! :)

heather said...

I love the name of that toilet cleaner LOL I think I need one that cleans the whole toilet room though...(boys) just shut the door and KABOOM! Great list :)

mom2triplets04 said...

I too hate cleaning the toilets and now that the triplets are toilet training it's a pain in the butt!. I will definately check out that bowl blaster the next time I go shopping. Thanks for the tip.